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Friday, August 22, 2008

Christian 2nd day in 2nd Grade

I forgot to take a picture on his first day so here he is on almost the first day. We live four houses down from the school. It has been so great and it is fun to see all the kids coming and going after school.

Here he is on the second day of school. He is pointing to the eagle that he put in his backpack.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scapbooking On-line

There are lots of different companies that have on-line scrapbooking. If you google search then a few will come up.

I use simply because my sister-in-law uses it and likes it and said she priced other places and this was comparable. The things I like about shutterfly is that they have a very good customer service, there is no start-up fee, you can email your albums to others, it is easy, there is no time limit and it is good quality.

Here is a picture of the album we put together for my parents' 40th anniversary. We were all across the country and we easily put our photos together with little notes to them too and had it shipped right to their house.

I really enjoy doing it on the computer because my kids can come down and they don't get into all of my things and scatter them. It is so easy. You can do them fancy, but I don't know how to do it that way and I'm fine getting the pictures in the book with a little journaling. I do a book for each kid and then a family book that has the major family events documented. If you go to then you can look at different examples.

When you go to mention my name and I'll get paid. Just kidding, but as I write this I decided that I should get paid; it sounds like an advertisement.

I'm a doula!

Do not read this if birthing stories gross you out or are not interesting to you.
I’m so excited to tell you about my first experience as a doula, or at least the first six births that I was able to help with.
My first client was Kenny. It was Kenny’s first birth and she was nervous. Luckily she had me to cheer her on. She was visibly bothered by the contractions at 6PM, until then she was able to go about her daily tasks. When the contractions got quite strong, we moved her to her bed. (This was a homebirth.) She tried several different positions. She was mostly quiet, but every now and then she would holler. It was then that I would work my doula magic and say all the things a mother giving birth wants to hear. The dad is not in the picture so it was just Kenny and I there. It was a bonding moment and at one point when she was extra nervous, she gave me a little lick when I scratched under her chin. Around 7PM I could see she was crowning and her bag of waters had not yet broken. After a few yelps and me starting to think something was wrong, out came a beautiful black and white baby kitten and then within the next hour and a half came five other adorable little ones. It was great fun for me and will probably be the only time I will experience a live birth. I’ll take what I can get. I’m a grandma. I’m so proud of Kenny. She was so brave and did so well.