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Monday, July 28, 2008

This Summer

This summer Christian played coach pitch baseball during June. It took up many of our evenings during the week. It was fun, but it was also fun to be done. Porter and Warrick made friends with a family that has kids about the same ages as mine so that kept them happy during the games.

Christian also participated in a summer program called Invention Convention. This was held everyday for two weeks. He loved the challenge and learned a lot. It is basically summer school for kids who like to learn. They did a lot of hands-on work and experiments. (Oh, how I wish all school could be so engaging.) He really liked that.

I put Porter in a summer preschool program that was supposed to last 4 weeks, but after week one he was done and it wasn't worth the fight so we stopped doing that. We now have him in swimming lessons. That is going well. His teacher is the assistant high school swim coach at Cedar High School.

Warrick has found several new best friends. He hangs out at the neighbor's house. The neighbors have older kids, but love to have Warrick come over and play. He seems to be the most popular kid on the block and I'll often go out and see someone giving him a ride in a wagon or I even looked out to see him helping the 15 year old mow the lawn.

I have found two great babysitters!!!!!!! Up until this point I have had a hard time with this. I have never found someone that I felt comfortable leaving my boys with. Now we have two. One lives across the street and one is right next door. This is a blessing and a whole new world has opened up to us. Glenn and I actually get to go on dates and relax because we know our kids are having a great time.

Glenn is preparing for a big hike this weekend. He finds that stuff really fun. We hake as a family and he even took Christian on a 9 hour hike last weekend. They both had fun, but were very tired in the end. I took the other three boys up the trail to meet them at the end of their long day.

I like to cook, but that has been one of the things to go at this season in my life. We have a Stouffer's outlet nearby and they help out with a lot of our meals. I feel more busy than I ever have and something has to go and I finally decided cooking from scratch and being creative that way is what went out the window.

We continue to slowly unpack boxes. It is a bit overwhelming at times, but baby-steps to the finish line.

I went school shopping today for Christian and Porter. That was fun.

Stafford seems to be teething. That is not fun.

It is my dad's birthday this weekend. That should be fun.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Celebrate USA

I haven't been here for awhile and here is why, I'm still not unpacked! Soooo, I am spending a lot of time putting things here and there instead of even turning on the computer. I will update when I can though. I have been scrapbooking online and so that takes up a lot of my computer time. It is super easy and I'm actually caught up for this year - which is a testimony of how easy and fast it is.

We have been going up the canyon often the past couple of weeks. We all enjoy a little hike except Warrick who gets worried when we are deep in the trees. He thinks it is a little "fookey".

This weekend we went to my hometown and met with some old friends who are definately still cute and cool. (Good thing I wrote that in their yearbooks because heaven only knows what they'd be like now if I hadn't.) We swam in a new pool by my parents house, went to a parade, enjoyed small town foot races, egg tosses, etc. and even rode horses and had great food at my sister-in-laws parents' house. We got to see Craig and Paul's families too and the cousins got to be together.

2 cute
*2 be
4 gotten

Christian on the horse and cousins watching. He didn't wear a shirt and helped carry the horse blanket which means that he got itchy eyes and hives all over his trunk, but at least he had a good time getting them.

We did fireworks at Paul's house. The favorite this year was sparklers. Classic.