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Friday, July 31, 2009

Quite a Pair

I'd like to brag a little bit about my dad. My dad may not be able to beat up your dad, but let me tell you what he can do.

My dad inspires kindness. He is full of compasion and unconditional love. I have always known that he loves me. I have always known that he would stick by me. I have always known that he would have time to chat with me, even if it is the seventh time I have talked to him about the same problem. He founded my fan club and has faithfully remained one of it's few members. He has always believed in me. As I grew up he built me up and gave me confidence to go out and try new things. I knew he would be there if I fell. I'm thankful for growing up with my dad and consider myself very lucky (blessed) to have such a dad.

I love my dad and even though his role has changed a bit as I have grown older and gotten married, he has always been close by, just in case. That means so much to me. Thanks dad and happy birthday.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Backyard Bird Show

We hosted the Boys Club at our house and had a bird show. Warrick took this picture. You may be imagining that he used the zoom button, but no, much to my discomfort, he walked right up to the bird and snapped this shot. I don't think this Red Tailed Hawk was too happy about it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Cub Scout Day Camp

Since I am a den leader, I got to go with Christian to scout day camp. They did lots of fun things. Here are some highlights, shooting BB Guns, archery, sling-shots. The leaders got to participate in the sling-shot target practice. We played a game where we would pick a target and see who could shoot it first. I was the first to hit the first target and before I knew it, I was cheering just as loud as the boys as the game progressed. Just like an eight year old, I snuck in one extra shot after we were told to stop. I've got to get me one of those!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple

This is the second open house that my boys have been to. They love to go. (When we were in the Draper Temple Celestial Room, Christian experienced his first "happy tears".)
Our favoirite part of this tour was the ride to the temple from the parking lot in a golf-cart-type-thingy. Porter was up in the front hollering with joy with his hands up in the air. It was fun to watch the type of joy that children display on a regular basis.

Here are the boys all touching the temple.

This is a picture from my seat on the golf-cart-type-thingy. Porter is sitting next to the driver and having a GREAT time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July Weekend

This is the fourth year in a row that we have gone to Grandma's house for the 4th of July.
Our little Stafford was named after my brother Stafford. Here they both are. Little Stafford would pick grass and put it in the shovel and Uncle Stafford would put it on top of little Stafford's head. They worked this way, like a machine, for quite awhile. They got in a rhythm and it kept them both out of trouble for awhile.

Glenn and Christian won the father and sons race in Paragonah.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cherries $1

Christian is always looking for ways to earn money. He liked the idea of selling cherries. After several tries and a couple of downpours he and his brothers and the neighbor, Brooklyn D., made $21 and divided it up quite unevenly.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Art City Days 5K

Glenn and Christian's first 5K.
This was lots of fun and will hopefully become a family tradition in years to come.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Salem Pond

Friday morning I met with my homeschooling group at Salem Pond. Warrick found a baby robin on the ground that let him pick it up. He loved it and called him "his bird". It grossed me out that he was handling it, but by the time I saw he had the bird, I realized that the damage was done and I let him touch it. Then I talked him into leaving it by the tree that he found it in hopes that the mom would still help out, but then a jumble of kids swarmed it and the bird became "their bird".

Later that afternoon we returned to Salem Pond for a Varifit company party. (If you haven't heard, Glenn is now working for Varifit.) Warrick greatly anticipated seeing "his bird" again. I tried to explain that it probably wouldn't be there still. He kept the faith and sure enough he came walking through the grass with his little bird in his hands and a big smile on his face. He packed it around with him the entire time we were there. He'd set it down so that he could go and do something fun and then he'd return to it and it would still be in the same area. One time he even hired (for free) two little boys to babysit while he did something else. They took the job very seriously and gave it back when it was time. At one point, I found Warrick on the blanket of a family. The mom was complete with two lip rings, a nose rings and a plethora of tattoos and the teens were of the same make and model. They thought Warrick was great entertainment. They told me Warrick was talking to the bird and saying, "I'm your father. I don't look like you, but I'm your dad now." They even donated their drinking water so Warrick could wash the bird poop off of his swimsuit. Just before we left, the bird disappeared. I was a little relieved since I didn't want to explain that it wasn't "his bird" and that we had to leave it. He was heartbroken and searched everywhere in vain.

Meanwhile, Porter made friends with a grandpa that was there with his family. The guy began teaching him to fish and he caught one just as we were leaving. They became good friends and we exchanged phone numbers so they could call us when they came fishing again.

Ah, the friends you make when you go places with my boys.

Home School

About 9 months ago, I didn't know any home schooled families personally. If you would have asked me then I would have told you that home schooling is a last resort. What about the social?

Well, some of you know, some of you don't. We took a good part of last year and home schooled Christian part of the day and then went to Sage Creek Elementary for supplemental classes. For us, this was a great option.

We belong to a group called Homeschooling Friends and it is just that. A bunch of friends that all home school. During the school year there is a co-op where we go to "school" for three periods on Friday. There are fun classes like human body, dance, art, etc. With the same group we meet weekly in clubs for each age group.

Below are some pictures from the Little Boys Club (ages 4-7). We met at Gloria J.'s house. We painted rocks and then played. The boys found a snake and Gloria brought out a chart with all different snakes on it and taught them an impromptu lesson on snakes.
The boys have found great friends that they look forward to playing with.

The apron didn't do it's job.

So, at one point I didn't know much at all about what it is like to home school and before I know it, I am considered a home schooling mom. Wow, the directions that life takes you! We'll see to what bends and bumps the road ahead will lead.