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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The World is Their Playground

 These boys have been bouncing off the walls lately.
Every time I look, they seem to have organized some kind of a sport out of household items.
I have banned baseball and golf as I don't allow swinging long poles in the house.
Believe me, it's a good rule.

This morning, they took a small ball and were trying to make a basket in the chandelier above our table.
They boys surrounded the table and if they missed, there was a mad dash, thumps and dives, to see who would get the ball next - no turn taking only the fastest/closest man wins the ball to try for the next shot.

Yesterday I bought an inflatable "donut" so sit on since I mysteriously hurt my tail bone. 
It has been heaven, but I kept finding it like this.
They created a ring toss game using the cat scratcher.  
It was complete with rules and a point scale.

Sunday was volleyball.
They went and got some ribbon and tied it on one end of the family room to the other.
This was the net.
They kept score,
started a tournament 
and became really competitive.
It was giggles,
sweat, and bonding.
After the championship game of the tournament, there were tears,
but the 2nd place finisher tried to be a good sport, despite his heartache and red eyes.
(I must add that there were actually several championship games.  Every time he lost, he called for a "do-over".  
The other brother obliged.
The games were all close.
But in the end,
age won.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Last Day of Our Vacation

Once upon a time in 1937, a family with one girl and three boys started finding candy on Easter Mountain that was nestled deep in Zion National Park.
Every year that family went back to find candy.
Every year there was candy.
After many years, the kids all grew up.
They got married.
They had kids.
Much had changed,
but Easter Mountain did not.
Those children brought their children.
Then their children brought their children.
Generation after generation kept showing up for an Easter Egg Hunt.
When the Mom and Dad passed away, the children and their children and their children 
still carried on the tradition.

Now the tradition has morphed.

My uncle now hosts a breakfast and an egg hunt.

On Saturday, we went to my cousins' house to carry on the tradition.
Different location, but same traditions.

As cousins we always get a good laugh that none of us like jelly beans 
and attribute it to the fact that, in our day,
the Easter Bunny would scatter them all over Easter Mountain.
We'd try to de-sand them, 
but there was always a bit of grit mixed in.
My cousin lives on an acre and has pigs and handcarts to entertain.
Two Old Guys on a Bench
Social Video Gaming
Gremlins - a right of passage.
Children are scared and slightly scarred, but bonded all at the same time.
And now as a result, Stafford will not go down the hall alone.
Saying good-bye.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Good Friday

The tradition of Easter Mountain lives on.
We go to some red cliffs and, without fail, there is candy to behold.
All the grandchildren
Jade (Craig's daughter) gives Warrick a flower.
Eating the loot.
Porter spoils little Ruby (Craig's youngest)
We swam at Grandma Great's swimming pool.
I think Stafford is trying to fall asleep.
Didn't work.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Camping. Goblin Valley. Spring Break.

We listened to the last session of General Conference as we drove south.
General Conference is a happy place for me.
I remember the basics.
I feel the Spirit.
I remember my priorities
and try to forget all the fluff that doesn't really matter.
We didn't bring any electronics so the 3 hour drive was rather long for the boys.
Here Stafford is singing a song from Guys and Dolls.
He's saying, "Can do, can do."

We found the perfect camping spot tucked in a little cove.
There was a rock formation that looked like a hawk was sitting on top.
He was my favorite.
Each area got a name.  There was, The Castle (complete with a bakery and kitchen.  The bakery was my favorite place to sit.), Christian's Thinking Spot, Mushroom Village, The Cove (which led to a cool hike), and Dwarf (because it had a figure that reminded us of Gimli the dwarf)

There were plenty of lizards around.
This became a main form of recreation: catching, naming and taming lizards.

Monday the kids continued their exploration.
The 4-wheeler was brought out and so was the dirt bike.
I tried the dirt bike and decided that I like 4-wheelers better.
The kids hiked the hills around us.
We played family games that night - capture the flag and cards.

Tuesday we hiked Little Wild Horse Canyon and Goblin Valley.
We ran short on water and taught the kids that even though well water is brown,
it's safe - or should be - or lets hope it is.
Just pray before you drink and you should be fine.
We were fine.
We finished the night with more capture the flag and cards.

Wednesday we packed up while the kids did last minute 4-wheeler, dirt bike excursions.

1.  Glenn's mad dash for the flag during our first capture the flag game.
If you have ever seen Holes and remember when Stanley makes a run for it in the truck to escape,
well that is the same face that Glenn wore - elation, surprise at his own guts, and sheer impulse.

2.  The hikes were awesome and Little Wild Horse Canyon is now in my top hikes rivaling The Narrows and The Subway.
Once again, if I knew how to rotate the photo, I would.

3.  Playing a game of Phase Ten with Christian and Porter.

4.  Going on a hike with Warrick and Stafford on a high mountain by our campsite.  
It was very steep and tall and I worried about us getting down,
but the sand was so soft, we just slid down like we were sledding.

5.  Watching the kids, especially Stafford, be completely enthralled with the lizards.  Almost every second Stafford was packing his around.
Look closely
The arena

6.  The food.

Sunday Dinner
Hamburgers/Hot Dogs
7 Layer Salad
White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Monday Breakfast

Monday Lunch
Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
7 Layer Salad

Monday Snack
Chex Mix
Red Vines

Monday Dinner
Balsamic Beef
Mashed Potatoes
Carrots and Snap Peas
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Tuesday Breakfast
English Muffins

Tuesday Lunch
Grilled Cheese/ Ham & Cheese Sandwich
Southwest Chopped Salad

Tuesday Snack
Trail Mix
Red Vines

Tuesday Dinner
Sausages/Hot Dogs
Southwest Chopped Salad
Hostess Cupcake

Wednesday Breakfast

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Priesthood Session

Glenn, Christian, Glenn's Dad and Nephew Blaine all attended priesthood session together.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hobby Lobby

Do you know who Steve Green is?  
I didn't either, but I do know Hobby Lobby. 
Steve is the CEO of the family company (Hobby Lobby) that is one of the largest privately owned.

Enter Obama.
Enter the Affordable Care Act
and the requirement to offer insurance coverage for "emergency birth control methods".

As you probably know, emergency birth control methods means that an egg has been fertilized. 
To many people, this means there is a person forming.
To many people, this means that killing that organism is killing a person.
To many people, including Dr. Seuss, "a person is a person no matter how small".
So to allow your company to pay for what you believe to be abortion,
is a moral dilemma - to say the least.
Porter - if I knew how to flip the pic I would.

Ephesians 6:12

  • New Testament
For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. 

One of the definitions of principalities is rulers or government.

Steve Green is in a battle against the principalities of this world - the US government.
They have told him that through his family company, he needs to provide abortion funding for his employees.
Steve is not saying that his employees can't have abortions.
He realizes that that is not his choice to make and he doesn't expect them to believe how he believes,
but he does expect to be protected in his beliefs.
He does not want to be involved in their abortion.
According to his religion, killing a fertilized egg is murder and "contrary to the word of God".
He wants no part of this and asks that his religious views be respected.

I feel for Steve.
He is fighting a huge battle against a huge government.
The spotlight he is in is white-hot.
There is pressure.

The Supreme Court case will come down to one Justice's swing vote.

Just as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego would rather face a fiery furnace than bow to an idol at the command of King Nebuchadnezzar so is Steve being asked, in his mind, to forsake his God.
Steve is standing strong for his values and only wants the right to practice his religion, something this country was founded on.
He said, "Even if God does not deliver us, we still cannot do this."

Pray for him.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Backman Family

Glenn's sister and family came over for dinner last night.
It is not uncommon to get big belly laughs when we're with LaDonna and Royce.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Guys and Dolls

A few months ago,
Christian was thinking of trying out for the school play.
I told him to just watch this year and then maybe think about it next year.
(I'm encouraging like that.)
Despite his mother's encouragement, he decided to do it anyway.

Grandma Small hooked us up with some Broadway tunes.
And he decided to sing "16 Going on 17" from the Sound of Music.
Cousin Blaine came from BYU to play the piano for his audition.
Turns out he made it.
Cousins - Madison, Blaine and Paige (These guys were a blast to watch the play with!!!)
The play was short and kept even Stafford's attention.
Stafford dressed up the next day and sang part of a song he remembered.
Porter enjoyed the play so much that he came back a second time.
This play was so fun for me to watch!
Closing night was on my birthday and while I had initially planned on taking the day off from the play,
when it came right down to it, 
there was nothing I would have rather done.

Christian's part was initially to just be a little cop that followed the 6'3" ninth grade detective around.
Christian hammed it up and soon became known as the "scene stealer" even though he didn't say a word.
They named him, Rent-A-Cop.
One of the directors came up to me and told me how much fun they had with Christian.
She said, "The things that he did that were the most funny, he came up with on his own."  
She told me that he had great talent for comedic timing.

I'm thankful for an experience where he was able to try something new
and have a good time with good kids.