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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Birthday Extraordinaire

We celebrated three birthdays in one day.
I thought it might be a bit crazy. But it turned into crazy fun.

Jade 3, Stafford 4, Craig 5

When Cherie says she'll make a few cupcakes, that means a fancy train cake for each boy featuring their favorite colors. Plus, all sorts of additional cupcakes including princess cupcakes for Jade.  That girl knows how to party.

We gave all the cousins kites.

There were people swarming the streets.
Kites soaring in the skies.
It was a great sight.
We sang to Jade.
We sang to Stafford.

We sang to Craig.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Air Show

It was powerfully loud.
Brought tears to my eyes.
Spread patriotism to the edges of my body.
Shouted for freedom.

Symbolized hope.

They are Liberation's tools.  

I'm reminded, miracles shape this country.

I believe in miracles.
I believe in this country.
There is hope.

Friday, March 23, 2012

This 'n' That

1.  I had planned to wake up at 6am to exercise before the kids woke up.  I left a note the night before so I wouldn't forget in the morning.  It instructed them to call me when they woke up so I could come home.  I was dead asleep and I heard my phone ring.  When I answered it, it was Porter.  "Mom, there's a sign here that says to call you when we wake up."  It was 5:51am.  Next time I'll wait and put the note up in the morning.

2.  I like the taste of mangos, but I have to make sure I don't smell them before they go into my mouth.  I think they smell like a newborn baby's poo.  It doesn't taste like it.  Well, I think it doesn't taste like it. I guess I don't really know.  Hmmm.  Just had a thought...

3.  The word "Pow" is a word that has grown in frequency in my vocabulary.  To me it has a slightly comical ring to it.  I read part of Stephen King's memoir.  He told about his 200 pound babysitter that would literally sit on his face, fart and holler "Pow!".  He explained the entire situation as not being a big deal; it was just how it was.  How weird!  Who does that???  What a weird mental picture.  Sorry I brought it up.

4.  I could eat chips and salsa every day and still feel I lived a good life.

5.  Girl Scout Cookies tasted better when they had a bit of trans fats in them.

6.  Saw Hunger Games last night.  Enjoyed it.  Haven't read it.  Will put it on my "to read" list. Horrible premise, yet I couldn't turn away and even found myself wanting to stay.

7.  Pow!

8.  Sharp pain in my chest.  The good news was that it only hurt when I'd breathe or move.  Other than that... Thought it was gallbladder issues after Birthday Party Extraordinaire Weekend.  Went to the Dr.  Turns out it might be pleurisy.  Sounds horrible.  I use it for my advantage.  When I was late dropping off the boys on Wednesday.  I told their leaders that I couldn't help it because I have pleurisy.  Worked like a charm.

9.  Part of this tree's trunk was pinkish.  I like pink.

10. My favorite color is green.  It used to be yellow.

Angel's Landing

This is one of my favorite hikes.  
Glenn, Me, Stafford, Christian, Porter, Finley
The crew that made it to the top.

There was a little cave that you could climb into and then peak out.  Porter climbed in in order to scare Uncle Stafford and Cousin Finley.  His plan was foiled when a couple, minding their own business, came by first.  They thought it would be a great place for a photo.  As the guy climbed in, Porter was coming out and the movement of a large object scared the guy to death.  He said he thought it was some kind of animal.  Our family motto - A good scare is always worth a few extra minutes of one's time.
Porter hurt his ankle a few days before and when jumping down off a rock on the hike, he hurt it again.    Keep in  mind that Porter is not a little kid anymore and close to 80 pounds.  Dad to the rescue.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stafford Age 3

Memories of "my angel" as he moves from toddler to little boy.
Stafford says
"Hot dog and smellos" = hot chocolate and marshmallows
"Inja" = Ninja
Stafford calls oatmeal, sugar.  I think we might have the oatmeal/sugar ratios off.
The birthday boy was left unattended to with a marker and then said, "Look at my freaky eyes."
He then said he was Batman.

Christian allowed a mock battle.
Temple Square
Preschool Valentine Party - Warrick, Lily, Juliet, Lindsey, Stafford and Lily's sister
I came home and Stafford's preschool artwork was proudly displayed on the wall.
Eating pears so he could eat a cookie.
Stafford and I love to go outside in the afternoon.  We jump, he plays in dirt, I read and  the sun warms us up.
The old "pretend you're a dinosaur eating trees" trick worked to get Stafford to eat almost a head of broccoli.  In this picture he is still in character and hiding behind a "tree".  Can't even see him.

The best toy for church for Stafford is a rope and a boiled egg.  Unfortunately the egg cracked.  I thought I could discreetly put it under my chair until the meeting was over, but the smell started to permeate the premises.  We have since banned boiled eggs, but the rope remains in the church bag.

I told Stafford that I wanted to take a picture of his CTR ring.  He chose the pose.
Celebrating another birthday with Grandma and Granddad.
Life is good.