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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Casa Loma and The ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

We got a citypass and went and saw a few of the site in Toronto. One of them was Casa Loma. It was pretty amazing and the gardens are something I'm still talking about. It is a castle that a man built in the early 1900's to resemble a medieval castle. Sadly he ran out of money. He spent a few million - the conversion for the amount in present day would be around 60-70 million. I forgot my camera. The boys took their cameras so I will have to try to post some of their pictures when I get around to it.
The rest of these pictures are of the ROM. 

 Warrick opted out of this picture.

Warrick put the chain mail of the knight with a different costume that he found and declared, "I look like an Egyptian!"  Indeed.  Indeed, my son.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

CN Tower

Once Again we took the subway into town.

 We went to the CN Tower which is the tallest second tallest free standing structure in the world.
Lake Ontario

Part of Toronto.  You can see part of the main city, but not all.

Standing on the glass floor looking down at my feet.
This is the view of the Jay's baseball diamond from our seats that we had a couple of weeks ago.
This is the view of the Jay's baseball diamond from the CN Tower.  It made our seats not seem so bad after all.
There was a celebration going on celebrating the National Parks of Canada being 100 years old.  Trivia note of interest - They have the oldest national park.  There were a bunch of people dressed up as though they lived 100 years ago, complete with a band dressed as old fashioned soldiers.  The band was playing a marching tune and walking down the walkway.  Warrick saw them and sprang into action running and wailing, "The British are coming!  The British are coming!"  Glenn and I fought the urge to turn and walk the other way.  I don't think that phrase is as appreciated here as it is in America.


I have never seen so many dandelions in my life.  They are everywhere.  It is more like people have lawns of dandelions with a few strands of grass peeking out.  If you look out over a field of grass, you see a blanket of yellow.  My neighbor told me that it is against the law to spray chemical on them - there are a few "laws" like that that I hear from people that I'm not sure if I believe or not.  Not the point.
Porter greeted me at the door after school with a surprise.  He handed  me this bouquet as though he was Prince Charming.  If you can get past the fact that they are weeds, you can appreciate the beauty.  I love when my boys give me flowers (weeds).

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

 We rode the subway into Toronto.  The kids were all smiles - and nerves.
 Union Station.  Seen here in the picture is one of the games the kids end up playing when we go into stores.  They march in a height line in train formation.  (The other game is marching in the same line like soldiers.)  Not sure why they do this, but it keeps them from climbing where they shouldn't or hiding from me.
 Union Station mini-train.  Ignore the fact that I look like a boy.
 We attended a Jay's Baseball game.
Here is the view of the CN Tower from our baseball seats.

This trip was so fun.  There were no melt-downs or major happening - Sorry, no "interesting" stories to report, but remember your entertainment is quite another thing for me.

However, a family of 4 boys seems to be a novelty in these parts as we probably got 7 or 8 comments from strangers about our testosterone filled situation. Three different people even thought it was a fun game to try to guess their ages.  I should have told them they were quadruplets just to confuse them long enough for us to sneak away - distraction technique #43.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


 The Palmyra Temple
 We had to stop at Stafford Road and plop the 3 year old in front of it.  He had no idea why we were doing such a thing, but we said stand there and he stood there.  Sometimes you just don't ask questions.
 Joseph Smith's home on Stafford Road.
 From the Sacred Grove you can see the Temple and vice versa.  President Hinkley really liked that when you are in the grove you can look up and see the temple and while you are in the temple you can look down and see the Sacred Grove.
 The Sacred Grove.  Warrick is really enjoying the trip.
 Palmyra Temple
 Looking out of the Sacred Grove at Joseph Smith's home.  If you look very closely, you will see a tree that is not a tree at all, but a boy.  Camouflage is amazing. 
 We met a sister missionary that received her patriarchal blessing from Glenn's dad and said he was like a grandpa to her.  She was pretty excited.  Note that Warrick has perked up considerably.
 The Hill Cumorah
 Joseph Smith's bedroom.
Tour of the printing press that printed the first 5,000 Book of Mormons.  Christian was the only kid that hadn't had enough of history by the time we got to this spot. 

I believe that Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ in that grove outside of his house.  I believe that God has organized his church today after the way it was organized in Jesus' time.  I believe Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon and that God led the early members of His church and that he still guides us today.  God is still present in the world.  God called Joseph Smith by name and he knows our names too, as well as our circumstances.  
I've never gotten spiritual in a blog like this so I don't know how to end it, but I guess I'll end it in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.