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Friday, October 26, 2012

Glenn is in Paris. I'm on the front line.

Bedtime Check List

Doors locked.

One extra light on so it looks like someone is awake all night.

Porch light on.

Doors locked.
Check again.

Kids in beds.

Just as I was falling asleep, all of the fire alarms in my house started wailing.

Note to self:  Do not ignore the chirping of the fire detector that it does when the battery is low.

Apparently it doesn't like to be ignored.

In my defense, Glenn had just put in a "new" battery so I thought it was just being a squeaky wheel and since Glenn has been in Europe all week, I was too busy putting out other fires (pun).

So in the midst of the noise (Noise is too nice of a word for what I was hearing.), I ran to our battery cabinet and frantically searched.

Alarms were blaring all the while.

I couldn't find a battery!

Christian woke up at this point and started helping me.

Dang the 9 volt battery.  

Finally we found one.

I ran to the offending smoke detector and searched for the battery slot while on a stool.  I found it, but couldn't get the new battery to stay put.  My ear was 2 feet away form the alarm.  Soon my brain started pulsing with each repetitive scream.  That's when I noticed a nifty button you can hold down to get it to stop - sure wished I had noticed that 10 minutes ago and 10 headaches ago.

I got the battery to stay.

Yes!  Now I could get some sleep.

The chirping resumed.

None of the other kids were awake.  This was both good and bad all mixed in one.

So there I was standing under the fire alarm and it continued to chirp every so often.  Two conclusions came from this.  Either I just put in an old battery even though it was in the place where new batteries are stored (Excuse me as I vent for a moment.  No one in this family likes to clean up after themselves, but why is it that when it comes to dead batteries, they put them right back where they found them without being asked?) or the fire detector was broke n and malfunctioning.  The battery Glenn had put in a few days ago had lasted a week chirping and since I was out of options, I figured I could live with that, at least until I could get to the store the next day.

Around this time, Porter got up to go to the bathroom.  It was silent, other than an intermittent chirp.  Christian asked Porter if he had heard the beeping.  Porter, still half asleep said, "Yeah."  No big deal.  Stranger things had happened.  He wasn't worried.

Second note to self:  I think a family fire drill in the near future would be beneficial to us all.

Christian's little brother's nonchalance had him concerned.  He took matters into his own hands. "That was the fire alarm!  If that were a real fire then you would be dead!"  Porter was wide awake after that.  Thanks Christian.

I told everyone to get back in bed and I followed.  My blood pressure hadn't even had the time to regulate its self when the alarms all throughout the house started yelling back and forth to each other.


Noooooo!  Now what was I supposed to do?

Was it the alarm or the battery?

Would it go on all night like this?

Should I pack everyone up and show up on Glenn's parents front porch and let the alarm go on by itself?

That was an option.

I decided to try to deactivate the bomb.  The plan was to pull the alarm off the ceiling and find the wires and simply disconnect them.  So with shaky fingers I easily twisted the alarm and pulled.

Brown Recluse Spider 
Remember the movie Arachnophobia? 

Well coming straight for my upturned face was a spider.  That didn't sit well with my already overactive adrenal gland or my vocal chords and out came my own little alarm.  I think that scared Christian and Porter more than anything.  I quickly tracked the spider down on my spider colored carpet, made the kill and put the alarm back up.

I wasn't about to try that again.

So I moved onto plan B.

I called Glenn's mom who quickly came up with two 9 volt batteries.

I replaced the battery, again.



It worked.  My nerves were still a little frazzled, but I was thankful.

Today, the fire detector in Warrick's room started to chirp.  I ignored it.  Just kidding, I now have a new respect for those sweet little chirps.  I immediately replaced it with the second battery that Drusilla brought over the night before.

I wondered if Glenn was eating a French pastry at that moment or a bonbon.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The First Snow of the Season

There is a quote that goes something like this, "The person who thinks something is impossible is interrupted by the person doing it."

This morning, One Armed Warrick, set out to make a snowman, not only did I think there wasn't enough snow, but he only had one arm to work with as his left arm is in a sling (again) because he broke his arm (again).

Amendment:  Turns out that Porter helped Warrick.  I guess the saying should go, "The person who thinks something is impossible is interrupted by the person doing it because he got help."

Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking back over Warrick's 6th year because now he's 7

1.  "upposed to" = supposed to
2.  After school Warrick said, "A boy at my table asked me how to spell 'earff'".  Warrick's eyes got big like "Can you believe he said earth like that?" and then he burst out laughing.  "Earff" he kept repeating with a smile.
3.  During Kindergarten, Warrick's best friend in school was Aubrie.  He had grass in his hair after school one day.  I asked him why.  He said as though commenting about the weather.  "Aubrie was dragging me around."
4.Warrick was wearing sweat pants and said he needed to change before school. He explained, "Because if I'm wearing sweat pants, when I hold Aubrie's hand it will be all sweaty!"
5.  One time when Warrick missed the bus and I drove him to school, I  noticed that he had a fuzzy mess of bedhead on the back of his head and a peculiar looking spike going on in his bangs.  I tried to tousle the spike out, but it was sticky and not going anywhere, even with encouragement.  How did I not notice his hair until now? I wondered as I sat in the quiet stillness that accompanies one who is late.   Nothing could be done.  He was late.  I smiled at him and encourage him to have a good day.  I'm glad he's in Kindergarten and unidentified substances in the hair are not unheard of or at least not unheard of if my kid is in the class.
6.  Warrick's wisdom, "If it's between life and death, you tell lies."
7.  Warrick called to me while he was using the bathroom, "Mom!  I need a bigger butt hole."
8.  Warrick went to a birthday party that had a clown that painted faces.  Each child got to choose the face art.  Warrick came home with a ladybug eating a spider.  He told me that the clown said in all of her years she had never had a request for that.
9.  Another bathroom quote.  I hear him in there say, "That feels better."
10.  Warrick was the lead in a kindergarten play.  After the plays, the teacher started complimenting the parents about how involved they were and that this year the kids all knew their parts.  She continued, "And they know their lines because of all the hard work you parents put in at home."  Warrick raises his hand and says, "Not me.  I only practiced once at home."  My six year old son ratted me out in front of all the  parents/grandparents of his class.

Little Babaji

11.  The kindergartners got to have a fair where they made things at home, brought 25 pennies and bought and sold goods.  Warrick and Christian came up with Pebble Pets.  They painted rocks and made them into animals.  We didn't do it until the day of and found we only had white and black paint and neon orange.  They were creative and made a tiger, penguin, Killer Whale, bee, mouse and other creations.

Warrick's Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Gallagher
12.  The summer after Warrick's Kindergarten year, he broke his arm while playing Dead Man on the trampoline.  You can read a longer story about it here.  Here are some pictures of when he got his first cast off.  We thought it was going to be off for good, but they told us that he needed another one.  His brothers were all there for support and helped him to feel better.  They became his cheering section when he got nervous at the beginning and when he got a bit sad when he felt his fixed arm looked rather weird.  
Stafford fell asleep on the drive to the Dr.

The nurse explained how the tickle machine cuts off the cast.
The brother's flanked him on either side.
The nurse asked if Warrick had any questions or concerns before she started to cut his cast.
 He said, "I'm concerned!"
The tickle machine cheered him up.

The machine cheered him up until he saw his arm.
Then he was concerned again.

Here he is getting his final cast off.  
Notice that he is in the same outfit as when he got his first cast off.  
I'm not sure what that means.
This was Warrick's doctor.  She has worked on lots of BYU athletes, including Jimmer.
She and Warrick developed a bond over the summer.
After I took this picture she asked me to send one to her and said how sad she was to see him go.
(When Warrick re-broke his arm about 8 weeks after this photo was taken, he said, through tears, "Well at least I get to see my doctor again."  I told him he didn't have to break an arm to see her and that we could go anytime - I guess I should have explained that before he re-broke his arm.  I guess my timing was off on that one.)

13.  Warrick has the type of laugh that you can't help laughing along with him.  He is very ticklish and loves to be tickled.

14.  Warrick wants a pet sooooo badly.  He has stuffed animals that play the part while he is waiting for his mom to change her mind.  He also cherishes any bug or reptile he captures and treats it as well as he knows how.

15.  Warrick is good at art and is often found trying to do nice things for people in his family.  He doesn't cause problems and is really fun to be around.  And he is funny.  Super funny.  His sense of humor often makes me laugh and others too.  We had neighbors once that would often sit and give Warrick quotes.  They called them "Warrickisms".

16.  I love being around him.  He is kind and thoughtful.  He is sensitive to the spirit and has such a great heart.  I look forward to many happy moments with him.

I love being Warrick's mom!