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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just an Update

This is a post with nothing too significant. I have just frozen one moment in time. These moments, though insignificant right now, become treasured memories with time. I have also included the picture below. It is of our family about 3 years ago. As I look at the picture, I notice so much more than I did at the time. I notice how my children are posing. Three years ago those expressions were normal for who they are.  But now as they have grown a bit, I see those poses as precious reminders of who they were and who they have become. I love blogging and capturing the normal life that, with time, turns into the memories that make up my life.

Stafford goes to babysitting at the community center Mon, Wed, and Friday.  There is an Italian woman, and an Indian woman that watch the kids and their substitute is a English woman.  I'm quite certain they are all first generation immigrants.  There are very few children that attend.  It is often only 3-4 other kids in there with them.  They do crafts, story time and gym time.  The other regulars are first generation Russians.  The Italian woman thought we were related to the Russians because of our coloring.  I think they think all blond hair blue eyed people look alike.  :) 

Warrick attends full day Senior Kindergarten on Monday and Wednesday and every other Friday.  So though he couldn't attend Kindergarten in Utah, here he can and next year he would be entering into first grade, or grade one as they say.  Last year he could have attended Junior Kindergarten, but jeez that seems young.  Stafford and I like having him around so we don't mind if he has a little "sniffle" and needs to spend time at home that day.

Porter does not like to be late and if he's not early, then he's late.  There have been days when he is decked out in his backpack, parka, boots and gloves for 30 minutes before it is time to go to school, but he's ready.  He loves recess and gym.  His teacher, Ms. Muzzatti is a blessing.  She is sweet and gives Porter the reassurance that she cares.  He excels for her and wants to do what is right.  His reading has improved incredibly and often comes home excited with small tales of the day.

Christian just returned from his first Chess tournament.  He is in the chess club with his friend down the street, Druve.  He was excited to get out of school and travel to another school for the entire day.  He has fallen head over heals with the Percy Jackson series.  I have never seen him read like this.  It is fun for me to see and I'm glad that author is making lots of money - he deserves it for creating such a huge desire to read in this 10 year old.

I have been in bed SUPER SICK for the past 8 days.  It has been miserable for everyone and I'm still digging us out of the mess as well as still coughing and drizzling.  It is at times like this that I wish we weren't so often the new family in the neighborhood.  It is at times like this that I long for that friend that knows me so well that she knows that a pot of soup or a quick vacuum of my living room would mean the world to me.  Unfortunately, it is hard to find that friend when you are new.  I've been new a lot and I miss that friend.  I miss the support and the sisterhood and at times like this, I also miss my mom.  Sometimes as a mom, you need a mom.  You need a pot of soup that you didn't cook, but more than anything, you need to feel that you're not alone.

Glenn has been sick too.  I only remember one other time in our married life that he has taken off work for being sick.  He said this is the sickest he has remembered being since having the chicken pox as a 12 year old.  We think we had the swine flu, but either way, it was brutal. 

Often times when my kids are sick they ask why Heavenly Father would make them sick.  They ask why there is even sickness in the world.  These are deep questions and I'm not sure that I have the answers to them, exactly, but I do know that I cherish my health more after something like this.  I cherish the little things.  You must know sickness to fully comprehend wellness, right?  You must know despair to understand hope, sadness to know happiness.  So though I wouldn't hope to experience H-21,N-34 ever again, I'm reminded to be thankful.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bedtime Running Routine

Blogging Lessons 101: When you are trying to pretend to be wise during a blog post, all you must do is begin a sentence with "You see..."  There you have it.  Instant wisdom. 

A few weeks ago, Stafford started a new bedtime routine. It consists of running from one end of the house to the next as I get the other boys settled in bed. Then when it is time for him, he runs and tries to dodge me. This is quite a nuisance and takes more time than it should. It got to the point where I dreaded getting him into bed, but then one night as he rushed into a bedroom and tried to shut the door before I got there, a standard procedure, I slipped my hand in and, just to play along, I started to flop my hand around on his side of the door as though I couldn't find his chubby hands that were pushing with all their might to close the door on my bodiless arm. He thought this was one of the funnier things he had ever seen. He responded with a deep belly laugh with his head thrown back. As you all know, when we laugh our strength dwindles. This is when I took the opportunity to get past the blockade to seize the escapee.
We do a variation of this every night.  Sometimes when he turns to slam the door on me, I slip through before he realizes it and he still slams it and SURPRISE I'm on the same side as he is.  That one really throws him off and he give a scream of terrified excitement. He loves it and as I carry him off to his room, he reaches for his brothers and pleads for their help. Then I spin him around, give him a few tosses in the air and plop him in bed. Though he resists, as soon as I get him into bed, he calms right down and that is the end of our bedtime routine.
So, my point to this long story is not a very big point except that I was tempted to put an end to the running due to the fact that it drags out the night a few more minutes, but when he gave that belly laugh when seeing the bodiless arm searching for him, I decided that it was worth it. You see, now that I have a 10 year old, some things are in better perspective than they were 10 years ago. As I look at my son that is nearing my height, I know that he won't belly laugh when he sees my arm straining through a crack in the door trying to find him. I know that little games like this only last during certain stages in life. I know that one day I will not be the most fun thing to play with and I may even become an annoyance or a bother. So right now as I am the star and since I can bring a belly laugh to my little guy, I 'm going to take three minutes to chase him up and down the long hallway in our townhouse. It is our bedtime routine. It really doesn't take that much longer and I know one day, he will not squeal with excitement when I get close behind him and scratch at his clothes as though I just missed catching him or when I jump out of a dark doorway just as he is about to sprint by. Right now I'm enjoying my two year old and all that goes along with him and if a small chase before his nightly slumbers is what he needs, I'll play along and years from now I'll remember the days when I used to chase Stafford every night before bed. 
For complete disclosure, there are times when I get a laugh out of it too. Sometimes I jump out from an unsuspected hiding place and scare him half to pieces. This, I tell you, is quite funny and we both get a laugh out of it.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today he said, "Mom, Dew-ew funny me." said in a tattletale tone.
This means, "Mom Christian is laughing at me." He was not happy about it.
An explanation of what he calls Christian: When porter was little he had a hard time with the name. He started calling Christian Dew Dushe. It stuck and Warrick even used to call him that. So Stafford made his own version of the name and it is Dew-ew.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saturday, February 12, 2011

There's a Snake in the Tub!

I heard Stafford yelling from the bathtub. Something about a snake. I went in to check on the situation.  They informed me that there was a snake in the tub.
I looked in to see a cup floating in the small waves and they were slowly inching away from it as it "slithered" closer.  They remained in character and acted so afraid.  Serious business.  Notice the horses on the side of the tub witnessing it all.  (A gun, a horse, or a binkie are things Stafford likes to keep within reach.  You never know when you might need them.  Like right now.  A gun could have come in handy.)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Family Pictures

We were going to get family pictures. Before we even left, two were mad. Not the best start.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sister Suzy Sitting on a Thistle.

I always wanted to have my two front teeth out at the same time.  Now I'm living through Porter.  I often ask him to sing "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth."  He is a good sport and will do it on cue and then asks why I'm having him do that - again.

"Porter, open your mouth a little more so we can see your teeth."

"Um, that was a little wider than I was imagining."

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thoughts on the cat.

Warrick said to me, "I'm really starting to like Chelsea. When I used to put her down the stairs, I always felt bad inside."

Okay, I'm not sure what "put her down the stairs" means. But it has me concerned.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Christmas in January

Rosa at church gave us a gingerbread house. It turned out to be just the thing to do in January. We put on Christmas music and went crazy.