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Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 20th, 2012 - Everyday Life

I just heard thunder.  Summer rain makes me smile.

Our orange and yellow plastic car is in the middle of the grass.  There is a bucket next to the trampoline and the hose is curled like the letter J in the middle of it.  My four boys, plus two of their friends, just chased a deer out of our yard and tried to pelt it with a water balloon.  The deer interrupted a game of Battleship.  There are red balloons splattered across our lawn.  I asked them to clean them up.  The older boys claim they can't see them since they are red/green color blind.  I didn't buy it.  I'm sure if they were red pieces of candy, that they could find them somehow.  I told them to just feel around if they can't see until they find the balloons.  I think they figured it would be faster to see.  They cleaned them up.

The Game of Battleship
Bensen R., Porter, Warrick, Stafford, Will B., Christian

I'm now in the office, trying to read my scriptures, but the tiny, high voices from the other room are distracting me.  The thunder causes me to pause and stare outside and I can't help to be thankful for the mugs of hot chocolate that are scattered across my kitchen.  For some reason hot chocoalate makes everything fun - they were cold after a water fight and I thought it a perfect excuse.  Now they are sitting in the family room playing Skylanders on the Wii.  There are six boys in there, all talking out of turn and there are two boxes of Legos and Magnetix poured all around them.

It is a summer day.

I've done my laundry and even dusted the machines.  I scrubbed my shower, cleaned the boys' deadly toilet so the pee smell no longer permeates into the hallway, tidied the kitchen and cleared off the computer desk.  I even filled several water balloons to donate to "the cause".

I have not yet showered and when I tried to exercise by walking up and down my hill, Stafford came running out, partially naked.  He wanted me.  I gave him a hug and went in with him.  He seemed so worried.  I'll exercise tomorrow.  I'm trying to stay on a schedule so I should really get on my my day anyhow.  We are out of eggs so I tell them it is a cereal morning.  Half of the kids like that idea and half don't.  I explain that it is what it is and I'm not going to the store right then. I have a schedule to keep Maybe tomorrow I'll buy some.

Warrick and Christian just came bouncing into my office.  I should be reading my scriptures, but I'm writing about my day and being distracted. They are hoping to get the money they earned with my little summer program.  It has worked well this summer.  They are both buying something on They want the "free super shipper savings".  Or is it shipping free super savings?  Whatever.  They want free shipping.  Each of their items don't equal $25.  To get the free shipping you have to order $25 worth of stuff.  So they had to order together and save until they could each pay their fair share.  Today is the day they have been waiting for.  Porter has close to $200, but he doesn't spend his money.  He's saving for a car.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

When a bad day just doesn't end.

Early Wednesday afternoon, I set off to go to a few stores.  My kids wanted to stay home so I told them to call me if they had problems.  Luckily they didn't call me, but I wanted to hurry and get as much done as possible before things hit the fan at home - you know the pressure.

So I took off, dreading Wal-mart because really, who likes to spend so much money on food anyway?  (Though I have to admit I do love Wal-mart for their price match because it saves me tons of money with little effort.)  Anyway, I was on the way to the store and realized that I left my shopping list home.  So I drove home and got it and tried again.

The next store I went to was a little mom and pop store.  It was also in Lindon, so far away, but it was supposed to be a two minute stop.  When I got there, the lady was on the phone.  I had to wait 15 minutes to get her to help me.

The minutes were adding up.

I decided to skip Costco since I had already added at least a half an hour to my trip that I wasn't expecting.

As I was on my way home, I remembered that Warrick had a t-ball game the next day, but didn't have a mitt.  I also thought of my worn out running shoes that needed to be replaced.  I decided to "quickly" run to the sporting good store in Spanish Fork since it was right off the freeway and just one more exit south.  As I took the exit, I got a call and as I was talking I went past the street I was supposed to turn on.  Quite a bit past.  Who allows people to talk and drive anyway? So I had to back track several blocks.

Add up the minutes.

I finally got to the store.  I decided to put up the little silver reflector thingy in my window to keep the car a bit cooler since I had milk and other groceries in there.  Well, just as I closed the door, I realized that as I was putting up the silver reflector thingy, I had set my keys down.  Yes.  I was locked out.

I called the Spanish Fork Police to come and help me.  She said she dispatched an officer and to wait by the car.  Well, 20 minutes later and a long cook in a parking lot, the officer arrived.  I bagged getting the shoes, but decided to get the mitt since I was there and would need it the next day.  There was only one left, my lucky break of the day, it just happened to be an expensive one.

I finally got home.  All was well.

I then went to a funeral and my alarm went off.  Very loudly.

Finally the moment I had been waiting for since about 2:30 that afternoon.  It was time to put the kids to bed.  I was sooooo ready for the day to be over.

Well, just as they were on their way, Glenn's parents surprised us with two of our nieces from Philly that we hadn't seen for years, literally.  That was a good surprise.  The bad part was that the day wasn't over.  The kids were excited and ran out onto the tramp.

Our friend came by to pick up his son that was over about the time that Warrick started screaming from the tramp.  The kids yelled that he broke his arm.  I've heard that before.  Our friend happened to be a doctor, an oncologist, but I figured he would know something.  I asked if he would look at it.  He walked over.  "Yeah, I think it's broken."  I then looked and said, "I'm no doctor, but I think it's broken.  You know how Warricks arm used to bend like this, well now it bends like this." (For the Brian Regan Fans)  It was very broken and very obvious.

So Glenn and I took Warrick to the Springville Instacare.  We pulled up and found that it had just closed.

So we headed to the Provo one.  When we got to the exit we needed to take, we found out it was closed too.  The next exit was Orem so we drove to that and backtracked.

The day wasn't getting better.

Then when they were taking x-rays the nurse said that if there was any chance that I might be pregnant that I should not be in there.  I told her there was no chance.  Then I realized, there is always a chance and after a day like I had just had.  I decided to wait in the hall.

When we first got to the Provo Instacare, the nurse said in a slightly condescending tone, "Where does it hurt."  Warrick said in a very condescending tone, "Where it's dented!"

Friday, July 13, 2012

Aspen Grove May 2012

Glenn and I cannot stop talking about this place.
When we first got there, Christian said, "Mom, did we spend our Disney Land money on this?" Picture his nose scrunched up a bit.
When we left he said, "Can we spend our Disney Land money and come again this summer?"

The schedule roughly, goes like this.
Classes -  Kids go with other kids their age and do crafts, swimming, games, etc.  Parents have Education Week type classes, crafts, pottery, hiking, ropes courses, or whatever you feel like doing.
Lunch - with time to spare for free time.  My kids usually wanted to fish for free time.
Classes again
Family time - They have various evening activities or you can do your own thing.  Frontier Night, Family Dance, Family Games (Aspen Follies) and a fireside activity with skits and such.

It was so relaxing and we met great people and ate great food.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Glenn took a pottery class in which he was the only student.  
The studio was over the river and I soon decided that it was the most beautiful spot in Aspen Grove.

Here is the view from the pottery studio looking up the river.  
Add the sound of rushing water and it really is amazing.

Some other things that Glenn and I did were hiking to Stewart Falls, making wooden pens, ropes courses, golf simulation, spiritual classes, badminton, and just sitting in the shade and talking.
I thoroughly enjoyed target shooting with BB Guns and doing archery.  It turns out that I like to shoot things.
Stewart Falls
Frontier Night
Find all four kids

Tomahawk throw
Indian stories in a Tepee
Airsoft target shooting
Mining for gold.

Riding a "horse"
Long bow
Mini Western Village
Stafford doing his part in a family competition on the last day.
 Warrick and Stafford were in the same class and their teachers are below.

Christian and Porter's Teachers

The Head Chef.  We came to love him through his food.

This was our cabin.  We loved it.  Even when I look at it now, my heart is happy.
We made good memories that weekend.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Memory Lane in Logan

May 2012

Glenn's boss in Canada had a wedding reception in Logan for his daughter.  We have been wanting to go back and this was a perfect excuse.  We took the kids to campus, our apartments when we were dating, and our favorite restaurant, The Blue Bird.  The Blue Bird is special because my grandparents used to go there when they were dating.  My parents took me there when I was moving to Logan and then Glenn and I went there when we were dating and later as a married couple.

Lund Hall where my Grandma's dorm was when she went to USU

The Quad

If you kiss on this "A", under the right circumstances, you become a "True Aggie". 

We have touched temples all across the U.S. and added a new one.