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Monday, April 25, 2011

"Tuck your pants into your socks, it's really keen."

Glenn, Ruth Plumb and Melissa Pedicome dance to Michael Jackson Dance Party on the Wii.

80's party.  'Nough said.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Potty Training - Take 1

Warrick and Stafford decided that Stafford was ready to be potty-trained.  They came to me dressed for success.

Lets just say that we started this project at 8 am and things worked so well that by 10 am we bagged the whole thing.  Better luck next time...

Oh and yes, that is an egg in Stafford's palm.  It is his toy of choice.  He takes it everywhere with us, until it cracks.  Then I eat it and we substitute it for another one.  He took it with him to Christian's dentist appointment.  The dentist was shocked that it was a real egg.  I assured her that it was boiled.  I can't imagine that was the strangest thing she had seen all day, but then again, maybe it was. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The things your children do when you're not there.

Warrick's Sunday School teacher posted this on facebook and it really made me laugh.  It is definately blog worthy.  Here is the story as she posted it with one comment from her friend so that it make sense.  Her comments are in green and everyone else is in white.
The children in my sunday school class had to guess what Julia was drawing, a heart, a boy and a girl, and one boy kept guessing that it was Julia and him being married. :) Julia's reaction was priceless. :D
She was a mix of embarrassed and frustrated that no one could guess it was" loving one another" when it looked so obvious...and the guesses about marriage distracted the other kids. One child saying "Eewwww...." to the marriage guesses and ...another saying "kissy kissy" It was so dang cute and funny for me. And when it was the boy's turn to draw something about keeping a commandment, he drew a couple getting married. :D This same boy drew a portrait of Julia and gave it to her earlier in the day. :DI should add the dialogue was what added to the cuteness.
Julia draws a heart.
Boy: It's about you and me, isn't it?
Julia keeps drawing....draws a girl.
Boy: It's about you and me getting married!
...Other children: Ewwwww....kissy kissy
Julia: No. (frustrated that it's the wrong answer and slightly surprised! She continues to draw a boy.
Boy: It's you and me GETTING MARRIED!!!!
Julia: No. She adds lines connecting the boy to the heart and the girl to the heart
Boy: It's you and me GOING ON A DATE!!!
lol ♥
Asa Tam said "I need to interview this boy first before anything further actions. FYI. =D"
Asa lol :) anyone interviewing him would be entertained and he would win them over. I forgot to mention that while the other kids ran to sit on the padded chairs, this boy left the last padded chair for Julia and said it wasn't a big deal sitting on the metal chair even if his butt would get cold. :D

I love this kid. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Boston, New Hampshire, Vermont and French Canada


We saw Lyle, Glenn's brother, at Harvard - just before he became a HARVARD GRAD.  Great job Lyle!
My little roadsters.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


As I was deleting the random, abstract pictures that Warrick had taken with my camera, I found one that was interesting.
Stafford! Climbing on the counter in the direction of something he knows he shouldn't be getting into. You can see the urgency in his posture. He knows he only has a small window of time to get in, get out, and stash the goods.