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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


"You have His power within you to sustain you.
You have the right to ministering angels about you to protect you.
Do not let Goliath frighten you. Stand your ground."
Gordon B. Hinckley
“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it.  
It just blooms."

“You may encounter many defeats,
but you must not be defeated.”  
-Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Reminders of the Fire

I've been surprised at how well the mountain has bounced back
from the 24th of July fire.
Green grasses are beginning to grow and trees that were thought to be dead
are coming to life.

But on my morning walks there are still reminders.
Reminders of the rush the firefighters were in to save out homes.
Gates were broken down and thrown to the side of the trail.

But all is well now.
The incident is far from most people's minds.

And once again I am thankful that it turned out the way it did
and that because minimal damage was done, 
we are able to forget with ease.

I heart fire fighters.
Although no one can go back
and make a brand new start,
everyone can start from now
and make a brand new ending.
-Carl Bard

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Martin Luther King Day

My day started out by teaching a yoga class at The Studio.
I love teaching there.
It is above the local Herb Shop and Organic Cafe.
It draws people that have a wide array of beliefs.
While yoga isn't religious, it is spiritual and I love sharing that with others.

After I got home, the boys took Bella on a one hour hike.
The purpose of this hike was to wear her out so she could handle being home alone for the rest of the day.

We did our Saturday chores.  
Each boy does their regular job: their area and kitchen job and then we add their bedroom 
and 15 minute clean team.
Then we piled into the van, sans Bella.
As we were pulling out of the driveway we saw a pitiful sight.
Bella had run to the front window and had wiggled herself between the blinds and the window.
She looked so sad.
we took her with us.

I had lots of returns to do.
She waited in the car.
The boys sometimes came and sometimes stayed with her.
There was lots of laughter and joking around.
We had a snack at Wendy's.
Then I dropped Christian and Porter off to play paintball.
Warrick, Stafford and I went to the dinosaur museum.
(This place was my best friend when the boys were itty-bitty.)

Christian and Porter also slipped in a little mini-golf while they waited for me.
We ended the night with Wendy's again!
Full circle.

That night as I was tucking in Porter,
he told me that he and Christian had really bonded
and that Christian was his best friend.

That is why I do it.
If the day had been for me,
I would have chosen so many other activities,
but I'm so glad that I didn't.
That is why I do most of the things I do - 
in hopes that there will be bonds made,
friendships created,
and brotherhood strengthened.

Because when I am gone, I hope they will have each other.
I hope they will not feel as lonely as they could in this world 
because they know they have a brother.

Tomorrow may bring disagreements, 
but as in everything in life,
things ebb and flow
and it's the general trend that matters.

I love my people!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


The Lego pieces that once covered the floor,
are still there,
but now we have Magic the Gathering Cards
in the mix too.

When I first saw these cards, 
I was slightly disturbed.
And I secretly tossed the weirdest/grossest ones in the trash
and hid the rest - passive/aggressive.

Then one day,
they found them.
They started playing with them.
The began choosing this game over electronics.
The worked together to build their decks and to learn the game.
They researched new cards.
And I stopped looking at the cards so that I could this moment in time
where the three oldest boys are excited about the same things
and sharing this part of their lives together.
I love the friendship and bonds they are building,
even if the cards are more "fantasy" than I like.
Sometimes it's best to just look away.
Look away.

The only problem is that this guy is not quite old enough to play the game.
So he is left to hang out with the dog.
He says he's going to marry her.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Vacation

I have stopped posting because I can't figure out an easy way to get my pictures to the blog.
I've decided it's better to go picture-less than not blogging at all.
So picture in your mind's eye.

This vacation started out slowly since I was not feeling well.  So the first few days were really low key.

Tuesday December 23rd - Glenn turned out kitchen into a candy factory.  We delivered divinity and caramels to the neighbors and then the boys went to Cherry Creek Elementary to play basketball with another family of boys.  They had a blast and Porter, who once said he didn't like basketball, started begging to go again and again.  We watched movies and hung out as a family.

Wednesday December 24th - Christian and I went to Salt Lake for an outing.  Then we went to Spanish Fork to pick up the grand prize present of the year - a dog named Bella.  We took her to the neighbor's house who actually had bought one of her puppies just a week before and we left her there until my kids went to bed.  While we were out doing this, Glenn had the younger boys and they went to the church to play basketball and then had lunch at Jimmy John's.  Then they watched a Christmas Story.  For dinner we had ham, cheesy potatoes, homemade rolls, Finnish Christmas Bread (A new holiday tradition for us from Glenn's brother's mission.), brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and Sticky Toffee Pudding for dessert.  We read and acted out the nativity from the bible. And then had homemade apple cider and went around the table offering toasts.

We put all the kids to bed in our room and Christian and I went to pick up the dog.  He took her for a short walk and then we took her and her crate down to his room where they slept for the night.

Thursday December 25th - Christmas Morning
We situated the dog in front of the Christmas tree as everyone came in.  They weren't as blown away by a real live dog sitting there as I had imagined in my mind - slightly anti climatic.  I don't think they believed it for a while, but then they hardly left her alone for a second and we had to start a new rule that you can't call her away from a brother if he is already playing with her.  The cat stayed in the bedroom area of our upstairs.  The day was filled with cheese ball made with goat cheese and cream cheese.  (Goat cheese is my favorite cheese.)  Playing with toys and watching movies.  It snowed all day long.

Friday December 26th -  We played Porter's new game Tsuro a few times.  It has enough chance element in it that Stafford was able to win as much as anyone and they are short games.  Glenn pulled the boys behind the sled on the fields below our house.  The dog followed right behind the sleds.  Close enough that at one point, Porter was petting her with one hand and holding on with the other.  In celebration of our Danish ancestors, Glenn has been making aebleskivers - spherical pancakes topped with powder sugar or whip cream or whatever.  Glenn and I also went to Magelby's on a date and then went home to watch "Pursuit of Happiness".

Saturday December 27th - Four wheeler sled ride.  Doggie leash training.  And the Lord of the Rings Marathon begins with the first movie.

Sunday December 28th - Normal Sunday with family night.

Monday December 29th - I took one of my young women to my yoga class.  Another 4 wheeler ride with the boys.  This time I joined them.  It was funny watching them bop around back there.  My favorite part is that they created memories together and they have lots of inside jokes that they laugh about when referring to different things that happened.  We also watched home videos that Glenn had made for me into DVDs.

Tuesday December 30th - Christian and Glenn went to the Mount Timpanogos Temple to do baptisms.  Porter went sledding with a friend on the mountain behind our house.  We went to the theater to watch "Night at the Museum III" and then Porter and I spent the rest of the day shopping.

Wednesday December 31st - We went bowling at BYU.  We watched another Lord of the Rings.  For dinner Glenn made my most favorite homemade meal - Swedish Meatballs.  This was the first year that we have not been all together for New Year's Eve.  Christian went to his first church dance.  He was nervous, but excited and had a great time.  His friend invited him over to hang out before the dance.  When he got there, his friend's sister, who is a year younger than the boys, was having a party with her friends.  The mom had a great idea and the hang out turned into dance lessons.  Christian acted like it was incredibly painful, but we all got a huge laugh about it.  Including the fact that the dad was walking around with his new handgun on his hip.  If I didn't know them better, I'd be concerned, but I grew up around rednecks.  That's what they do.  Glenn and I debated if we should wait up for Christian.  We were both so tired that we decided he could wake us up and we'd talk then. Well, it turns out that he walks quieter than we thought and we were in a deeper sleep than we thought we'd be and when I thought I heard someone softly say my name, I opened up my eyes to he a huge person standing right by my bed.  I screamed and Glenn popped up faster then Christian could jump back from his unexpected greeting.  A great way for Christian to end the night.

Thursday January 1st - I didn't write what we did in my journal so the day is gone completely from my memory.

Friday January 2nd - I went grocery shopping and got some errands done.  Glenn took the boys ice skating and then to waffle love.  While we were gone, the dog somehow unlocked the bottom lock of the crate and squeezed out.  I don't know how she did it, but she was sure proud when I got home. That caused us to have to get online for some dog training and figuring out how to keep her comfortable while we are away.  I don't know how anyone owned a dog before the internet.  Anytime we have question, we hit the books internet.  Glenn and I went on a date to Art City Trolley and then when we came home we all watched the last Lord of the Rings Trilogy Movie sans Porter.  Porter is blessed enough to have five boys his age in the neighborhood.  As a result, he tends to be really social and goes from house to house.  This cuts down on family time.  What I loved about this break is that a couple of times when a friend called, he told them he couldn't play because he wanted to do things with us.  That warmed my heart that he chose us and only played with his friends twice the entire two weeks.

Saturday January 3rd - Glenn came with me to my yoga class.  Then I took the boys and we met cousin Ella and her mom Sara at the Children's Museum in Salt Lake City.  I ran in some old friends from Colorado, the Adams.  It was so great to talk to them again and I was reminded how much I enjoyed their company and laughing with them.  They are the type of friends that even though we haven't seen each other for years, we seemed to pick up right where we left off.  Then to lunch and then we headed to Seven Peaks Fun Center for bowling, mini golf and laser tag.  We had dinner at our house, chicken, salad and chips.  Then Ella and Christian made Rocky Road brownies and watched "The Giver".  Stafford and Glenn went on an outing and Porter, Warrick, Sara and I played games - Tsuro and The Game of Things.  The Game of Things ended up being great fun.  Bella was having a hard time that night and Christian got the camping gear out to sleep with her in the mudroom.

Sunday January 4th - Church.  The bishop told ward council that a young women's dad contacted Bishop and told him what a great support I had been to his daughter and he was grateful that I was there for her when she needed it.  Her parents are going through a divorce right now.  She thanked me for being there for her and making a difference as well.  She calls me mom and I was really grateful that I was at the right place at the right time.  (I'm also thankful for a church that focuses on service because it not only helps other people in their lives, but it brings meaning and color to our own lives.) We started our puzzle - one that represents something we did this year.  Sara and Ella left today.  We had family night and then watched "When the Game Stands Tall".

Monday January 5th - School begins again!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Lights

The night started at Crown Burger, with the rest of the state of Utah.
After dinner, we were walking to Temple Square when Stafford announced he needed to go.
Crown Burger was packed and crazy and going back in there was too much.
So, we turned away as he found a bush.
Discrete was something we thought he would try to be.
Not the case.
Legs wide, hips pushed out.

The evening was nice, not too cold and not too crowded.
As we looked at some displays, we heard a distant chanting.
It was erie and hard to decipher what was happening.
Then it grew louder.
A large group of people, some with scary Freddy Kruger masks, made their way down the street.
Right when they got next to where we were standing, they fell on the ground.
Still chanting.
Cops were spotted here and there - just in cas.
It was creepy and the boys seemed a little scarred from it all.
Then the "demonstration" moved on and we could hear them every now and then as they moved throughout the area.
We then gave the kids an impromptu lesson on freedom of speech 
and stupid people.
Topping the night off with hot chocolate, we headed home.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Catch Up


We went camping and though we had a great time, we learned that the only thing worse than fishing and not catching anything is fishing and not catching anything while everyone around you is emptying the lake.

Glenn started a KickStarter Campaign for color change shirts.

Glenn had his final weekend for his MBA program.  The wives were invited for a weekend in Midway.

Christian and Porter started lacrosse.  Christian liked it and Porter loved it.

Christian and Warrick started tennis and they both enjoyed it.

The boys went to the annual Father and Son's Campout.

Porter attended a day camp for WEBELOS and loved it.

Christian attended a week long scout camp.  He came home happy which was a big improvement from last year when he came home and said, "That was the worst week of my life."  I guess there was no way to go but up.


For the Fourth of July we went to Southern Utah and enjoyed our traditions of parades, races and barbecues.

I emptied out my storage room, gave it a cleaning and still haven't gotten the purge and replacing of the items back in.  It is all sitting in my unfinished basement which I have now deemed my new storage room.  Easy peasy.

My family came up for a barbecue and then we all went to Lagoon together (minus Stafford's family).

The Small Family Reunion.  Everyone was able to make it this year.  We hadn't seen some of them for years.  We had Fear Factor, Alpine Slides, Swimming, 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration, and LOTS of laughs.  Some of the funniest people ever.

Danny and Tammy and family stayed with us the week after.  It was so fun to have them here.  I hadn't seen them for four years and it was great to be together again.

Christian attended Timberline (a leadership scout camp) and loved it.  He came back with added confidence and lots of stories to tell.  (Right now he's teaching his brothers all the songs he learned while there.  You know, "Boom Chicka Boom" and the like.)

That brings us to the last couple of days that were quite eventful and will need a post of their own.

Coming soon.