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Monday, September 30, 2013

It's Porter's Birthday! A Decade Old.

Just after Porter turned 9, he won the 3rd-4th grade super bowl and then had oral surgery on his extra tooth that was in the roof of his mouth.
Porter was a Vampster for Halloween.
Half Vampire - Half Hampster

Porter ended his year by starting 4th grade.
So far he is loving school.
He has a bunch of friends in his class and is loving his teachers.
He actually seems to look forward to going.

He is always a child who has planned things out and thought things through.
It seems he is made of money and always has a bunch.
He doesn't spend his money on candy even when his three brothers are indulging.
As soon as he found out about mutual funds he hounded us often to get him one.
He liked the idea of more interest.
He now has a bank account and a mutual fund and knows how much is in them and has guestimated the amount of interest he should get each year.
He is also making plans for how he's going to get scholarships to school.

There are several kids that are not friends with the "sporty kids" at school.
Porter is kind to and inclusive and more than one mom has thanked me.
He feels deeply and it hurts him to think of someone's feelings being hurt.
He is sensitive and knows how it feels to hurt.

Porter has inherited my giggle bug that sometimes comes at inappropriate times.
I can't get mad at him for it because inside I'm wanting to laugh too. (I've learned to control it in my old age - usually.)

He has a good sense of humor and does a good job finding the humor in things.

He is not a procrastinator.

He is good at math.

He has a "crush" this year and blushes when he talks about her.

His best friend moved away last year and he was deeply sad.
He gets attached to people and places.
A new best friend emerged.
They have a great time together.

Porter is a lot of fun to have around.
He wants to be good.
He still loves to cuddle.
He loves a good hug.
He loves lay his head on my lap at church and feel close.

I love this boy!

Backpack Lineup

When the boys get to the bus stop, they drop their backpacks in line and then go play.
Your backpack holds your place in line.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stafford likes to hold his breath while he writes words.

I'm glad the words are words like deer, door and dime.
Anything longer might cause problems.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Three Little Faces - the moments that make it worth it

Just a week or so ago, when Stafford started to think Kindergarten wasn't for him, I started walking the kids down to the bus stop.  He was always afraid it would leave him and it helped him to have me there.  It is far, as I've mentioned before, but I found it was a nice way to get my morning walk started.  I also found that it is one of those crossroads that create talk time between parent and child.  That, I really like.

They usually sign "I love you" from the window.  
I love that.
Then today, I'm not sure if it slipped out or what since it was in public,
Porter yelled, "I love you."
The little boys followed suit because if a 4th grader can yell "it" then surely a 2nd and Kindergartener can get away with it.

The other day Porter said, "Mom, thanks for walking us to the bus.  It really  means a lot to Stafford and me.  I don't know about Warrick, but Stafford and I really like it."

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our friend we saw on the way to the bus stop.

This is the second one in the past couple of days.
As long as they stay outside, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
Serenity now.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Off to Calgary

Glenn was in Calgary this week.
He went to what they call the President's Meeting.
It's pretty cool that he got to go this year.
He didn't leave for the airport until 8:45 on Monday, which is a lot later than his usual 6:30 departure time.
He took Christian to school* and walked the younger boys to their bus stop***.

*I love taking Christian to and from school.  He talks about his day, about his worries, about his grades, about his homework, about his friends and about any other interesting encounter.  Those few minutes in the car have turned into lovely moments.
***My elementary aged kids walk CLEAR down the street to the first bus stop in order to get a good seat.  They walk past several bus stops - even in the winter and have to leave about 20 minutes earlier than they would to get to our bus stop.
It really cracks me up.
They really may as well just walk to school.  (Not really.)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Labor Day

Here's what we did this year.
Breakfast with Glenn's sister's family and parents.

Rearranged our garage to fit our truck for the winter.
We have lots more work to do, but decided to play instead of finish.

We drove up the canyon,
found a place to set up a table, shade tent, etc.
and rode our 4-wheeler.
Everyone got a bag of candy corn to put in the cup holder of their chair.
We had hot dogs and chips and made s'mores with Nutella for the chocolate.
The little boys were content to stay at base camp and catch grasshoppers and kill them.
The bigger boys wanted to ride.
I mashed both Christian and Porter on the back of the ATV.
They had a radio to communicate with base camp.
We all had fun riding together and chatting until we saw a huge bull/cow staring us down with no fence between us and him/her.
We weren't sure if it was a bull or just an extra large cow.
Either way, it didn't look happy that we were coming toward it and it didn't look one bit scared.
We made a quick u-turn and took off.
A good 4-wheeler ride always ends with a mad dash away from a large animal - I've always thought that.

Monday, September 9, 2013

I love it. They don't.

I love reading. 
So far, none of my kids do.
Porter and I are reading the Magic Thief together.
We take turns reading.
We both like the book and that helps.
We like to read outside on our deck.
I didn't like reading until I was an adult.
There is still hope.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Western Roundup - Kanab

We met my parents and all of my brothers and their families in Kanab.
Kanab is where a lot of the old western movies were filmed.
The festival we went to used to have a lot of the old stars come back for a reunion of sorts.
I had to leave Glenn, Christian, and Porter home due to football.  
I was sad about that, but it turned out to be a great guys weekend for them.
They took a mountain drive and found "the best shakes ever" in Heber.
It looks like they are in pain, but they assure me that was not the case.
They also went to a high school football game, 
 and watched movies.
We, on the other hand, had a laid back weekend with cousins.
 Cowboy brothers watching Native American Dancers.
 And Warrick making a rope.
 The little village is where the kids wanted to spend most of their time.
They played there for a LONG time.
No fights.
No drama.
And the adults just relaxed.
 Here is most of the family watching the parade.
My brother, Paul, in the white shirt has his hand lifted into the air.
He said that is what cowboys do.
 A cowboy randomly stopped to show Warrick how to put on a cowboy had with style.
I loved this weekend.
It was slow paced and
I enjoyed talking to my family and seeing the cousins play.
Everyone seemed to get along and tried to be kind.
I realize that if I go back next year, it won't be the same.
Life is always morphing, twisting and turning.
Nothing is motionless.
My dad is 80.
He was a sport to come.
I know it's out of his comfort zone.
My mom was there.
She was diagnosed with cancer just days before.
It felt like a thin shadow hovering over us.
We are waiting to hear how serious it is.

I'm grateful for this trip.
It was a blessing and a sweet memory.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

How to keep thieves from stealing anything in your vehicle - even after they have broken in.

This is what happened during the football game, but nothing was missing.
We're not sure what happened, but I have my hypothesis.
I'm quite certain that they started to break in but then got one whiff of our van and decided it wasn't worth it.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Day of School

August 21st, 2013
Christian started Jr. High This Year
August 22nd, 2013
 Porter is in 4th grade.
Warrick is in 2nd grade.
The Kindergarten Adventure
August 29th, 2013
On the way to the bus stop with big brothers.
Getting off the bus at the school.
Mrs. Hylton
The beginning.
Home for the afternoon.