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Monday, January 17, 2011

Angry Issues

I picked Warrick up at the babysitting place at the gym and he told me all about his new best friend. "She's pretty nice, but she has angry issues if you annoy her."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

If it looks like a duck...

So, one might think that they are on a peaceful drive to church, well not very peaceful because you're late, but relatively peaceful. You are not paying attention to much (including the speed limit) and you are lost in your thoughts. When suddenly, and you didn't even see him enter the road (remember you were not paying attention), there is a crazy man smack dab in the middle of your lane waving his arms as though he is being attacked by some unseen force. Then, with his left arm, the one that is not still fighting off the invisible demon, he points to the parking lot just off the road next to the parked police car with the radar gun on a tri-pod. It is at that point that you realize that, though all signs point to crazy, it is in fact, an officer of the law. To top it off, you are from out of the country and just so happen to not have your license with you. What does this amount to? Well, Glenn doesn't want to talk about it, but I will tell you it amounts to one fat ticket.  Sigh.
So remember, when in the country up north, if it looks like a crazy man and acts like a crazy man then it might be, but it also might be something else.
Side note: If someone is not paying attention enough to miss a police stake out, I'm not sure that it is a wise idea to jump in front of their speeding car. Yes, the element of surprise is there, but I'm just sayin' it might not be the best idea.

Monday, January 10, 2011

After School Chews

I hesitate to post this because, no, this will never be a food blog and I'm not trying to make it one, but I do want to remember some things that I try so I can try them again later, if I so desire.

These Chews make a simple after school snack or a pre/post-workout snack for about 100 calories each. I really liked them. The test will be in 10 minutes when the kids walk through the door. (Update - they liked them enough to eat them, but not rave about them. I will make again.)

They take 5 minutes to make and only use 1 bowl.

1/4 cup sunflowerseed butter
3 tbsp organic brown rice syrup
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
1 cup puffed millet (health food store)
1 tbsp chopped carob chips (optional)

In a medium sized bowl, stir together the sunflowerseed butter, brown rice syrup, and vanilla. Microwave on high for 35-45 seconds. Mix and immediately add in the puffed millet cereal and carob chips. Stir until fully mixed.

Shape the mixture into balls. Press mixture together firmly so it will hold. You can eat them right away or freeze and eat straight from the freezer.

This makes 7 golf-ball sized chews and was adapted from a recipe on Oh She Glows

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stafford 2010


  • When I take Stafford places I'm often complimented on his blonde hair. Natural blondes are hard to come by in these parts.
  • 12-18-10 Gu-scusting = anything gross
  • 12-17-10 This boy loves John Wayne movies - even the black and white. I thought he just picked up how to ride a horse and shoot a gun, but he came to me with a Lego piece that looked like a mug and said, "Mom, you want Copee?" Copee = Coffee.
  • 12-06-10 Lellow = yellow
  • 11-29-10 When looking for binkie he states, "Wa ma binkie?" Sometimes he can get a bit panicked if it doesn't turn up soon.
  • 11-29-10 To wean my kids off their binkies, I gradually keep cutting the end. Stafford is undergoing that process, took it out and said, "Not working."
  • Swining in a swing he says, "Yeehaw," babble, babble, "Ca-boy" babble babble "Woo-hoo". Sometimes he gets ahead of himself and as he speaks he only enunciates (sp?) the main words of the sentence and simply leaves out all the vowels of the other words. Good enough. We know what you mean.
  • If he wakes in the middle of the night he won't cry or scream, but will say, "Mom, Ah nee new." His little voice is so calm and barely raised in volume. He usually just goes back to sleep, but that is so hard to resist. Last night he said, "Mom, Ah nee help." That was a new one that I didn't resist.
  • This little guy has to have his three "b"s to get to sleep. Bottle, binkie and blankie. I have indulged him without any thought of weaning him from these things. Something I may regret later, but right now I love to see him cuddled up with the things that he loves.
  • "Potsee" = pizza

Warrick 2010


  • "Redicleus!"
  • 12-30-10 Warrick's stools were, lets say...soft. I asked him what he ate. He said apple pie. Then he asked if the pie was rotten. Since he and Glenn were the only ones who ate it, I said, "I don't know, we'll see if dad gets an upset stomach too." Warrick said, "I have an upset butt."
  • 12-27-10 We got a heart rate monitor for Christmas. I was wearing it around the house just to see my heart rate go up and down. I was joking that I must be mad because it went up. Later that night I was getting after the boys for fighting. Warrick grabbed my rist to look at the watch that shows heart rate and even though it wasn't showing a heart rate. He said, "Oh no it's 100 mom's mad!"
  • I can get him to do anything as long as I tell him I want to see how fast he can do it. Who would pass up a chance to show a skill set?
  • Wants to be called Dash. Everytime he watches the Incredibles, he will make this request and begin running around.
  • Loves to run "fast".
  • Loves birds and eggs.