December 25-December 31

This week we took Christian (6yo) to the dentist. It was much less eventful than last time. We decided not to grace the last dentist with our patronage again. Last time, if you’ll recall, my 3yo somehow got a hold of the thingy that sprays water and sprayed it right in the direction of 1yo and almost missed him. He got his baby fine hair right on the top, which resulted in a Mohawk.

This time we attempted a dentist visit practice session. Yes, I was going to make my kids practice going to the dentist. That way it would be clear as to what is acceptable. I gave each child an activity book to take with them. I arranged chairs to resemble our van and the waiting room. We started practicing and were only into it about 30 seconds when the injury happened. Christian tripped and caught his jaw right on the pretend front seat of the van. He was down and the practice was over. I nursed his injury and we went to the dentist – unrehearsed.

It actually went quite smoothly. When they called Christian to go in the back, I just sent him back by himself and stayed up front with my 3 and 1 yo. Christian is not shy or timid so he didn’t mind. After he left Porter (3yo) looked a little worried. “Are they going to cut him in half?” I eased his worries. He wiped his brow and said “Whew, that was close!”

Christian will resume his gymnastics classes this January. He is in an all boy class with all boy teachers. He always is excited to go and bounces around like he has ants in his pants when he is there. (Sometimes I wonder about the ants.) They work on the high bar, parallel bars, rings, etc.

Glenn continues to work from home. We have enjoyed this greatly. I don’t see him too much, but if the kids are napping and I have to run an errand, I can slip out and Glenn is here just in case.

We are continuing to improve our home. It is a lot of work, but we are happy. We are currently deciding on how big of renovations we would like to make on the basement a.k.a the dungeon.

I’m in cub scouts and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like the program.

Warrick likes to run and if the older boys lay in front of the TV, then he wiggles in between them. He wants to do everything they do.

So there is our week. Check back again in seven days for more adventures (or whatever you want to call it) with the boys.


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