April 1, 2007
We had a great day today.

None of our kids took the early shift this morning. Usually one of my kids decides to wake around 6:00 AM (or earlier). It is never the same one. I’m sure they would get too tired if they had to keep such a schedule so they switch off to make sure someone is on duty. Well, whoever is in charge of assigning shifts, forgot today and the first child didn’t wake until after 7:00AM. That was quite a treat.

We had German pancakes for breakfast (with vanilla syrup that Glenn made. Then we taught the kids about King Benjamin (Christian simply refers to him as Ben) and how they gathered the people together to hear the words of the prophet and each family was together and pitched their tents with the door facing the temple, etc. You see the analogy. So we pitched our tent facing the TV. The kids thought it was great fun. I had conference Bingo and other activities for the kids to play while we watched. Surprisingly, it worked out well and our kids listened better than they ever have. (Not surprising since this is the first year we really attempted to have them listen.)

We had a guy in our ward say that he loves watching our family when I go up to lead the music in Sacrament Meeting. The boys are all active and Glenn is constantly grabbing one or the other and feels like an octopus. I lead the music and I’m quite powerless when I see the bustle. The man laughs because he remembers when his kids were at that stage. He said he prays for us. We told him to pray harder. :)


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