The past two weeks have been eventful. I found out what Hand Foot and Mouth Virus is. (All the boys got it.) Luckily they all took turns so I would take care of one at a time. Then when I thought life would be back to normal I broke my toe by dropping a 40 pound box on it. That HURTS! So after about ten days I can put on shoes and walk kind of like a normal person. Believe me it is hard to walk when 5 1/2 months pregnant and with a broken toe.

So we went to Boise for the Warner Reunion (Glenn's mom's family) it was great fun and the highlight for the boys was simply to sleep in an "apartment" (motel) as Porter called it.

I can't seem to locate my camera so there are no phots to add to this post. :( But here is an update anyway.


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