Pictures of Stafford

His first outing at four days old.

Christian watched Karate Kid and this is what happened to Stafford.

The boys and their new brother.


Jen said…

Oh he is so cute!
Chelsea said…
You have a beautiful boy! There is nothing sweeter then a chubby baby. Thanks for the pics.
Anonymous said…
Look at all that mischief captured in just a few photos. Stafford is so cute--especially dressed as Daniel-son. I loved your family photo session description, too. We just had ours taken after 4 years! Our family photo was missing two of our kids and for a good reason, too! It's such a task to get everyone ready but I guess that's the point. You're right, one day we'll look back and remember what fabulous times these chaotic times really were.
Good luck settling in with your cute baby.

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