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I haven't been here for awhile and here is why, I'm still not unpacked! Soooo, I am spending a lot of time putting things here and there instead of even turning on the computer. I will update when I can though. I have been scrapbooking online and so that takes up a lot of my computer time. It is super easy and I'm actually caught up for this year - which is a testimony of how easy and fast it is.

We have been going up the canyon often the past couple of weeks. We all enjoy a little hike except Warrick who gets worried when we are deep in the trees. He thinks it is a little "fookey".

This weekend we went to my hometown and met with some old friends who are definately still cute and cool. (Good thing I wrote that in their yearbooks because heaven only knows what they'd be like now if I hadn't.) We swam in a new pool by my parents house, went to a parade, enjoyed small town foot races, egg tosses, etc. and even rode horses and had great food at my sister-in-laws parents' house. We got to see Craig and Paul's families too and the cousins got to be together.

2 cute
*2 be
4 gotten

Christian on the horse and cousins watching. He didn't wear a shirt and helped carry the horse blanket which means that he got itchy eyes and hives all over his trunk, but at least he had a good time getting them.

We did fireworks at Paul's house. The favorite this year was sparklers. Classic.


Jen said…
Wow looks like a great time!
azandersens said…
How sad I was to hear that everyone was there minus ME!! snif, snif I love how we have 20 kids between all of us. My mom was so happy that she saw you at the parade, and couldn't get over how clean cut Paul was. You'll have to tell him that for her. :)
Lindsay said…
Do you realize that you were only a block away from my house when you were at the Mesa Hill's park? You're all in so much trouble for not calling me!
Julie said…
I want to know all about scrapbooking online.
Kelly said…
I would love to talk to you about scrapbooking. I'll give you a call.
JoAnn said…
This is so fun to see Kelly! How fun for all of you. I would love to hear about how you are doing your online scrapbooking. Okay - as I glance to the side I can see that there are several of us who are interested in your scrapbooking online interest. I hereby officially request a new post on the subject.
Hey guys! It's the Clark's! I found your blog on Valeri Andersen's. Looks like things are great with you all. Things are changing much with us. Barry is now the new head boys basketball coach and we are expecting twins in Dec. We are enlarging our family from 5 to 7! Holy smolies! I love blogging and how it brings people together again. I'll be checking you guys out regularly!
Kelly said…
I will have to post about scrapbooking online.
It is so good to hear from you! I will have to check out your blog and tell Glenn that you stopped by.

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