Here I Am

Thanks Julie for your comment on my last post. I realize that it has been a long time since I have communicated with those outside of my immediate sphere. Yes, my heart is still beating, but my legs are running so fast I just don’t have time to share what my heart is beating about.

We broke ground on our new house. This is exciting, but at the same time intimidating. We are certain that it is like having your first baby. You are so excited, yet have no idea of the bumps in the road that will arise. There is a sign on our front yard that has Glenn’s name on it. We have had two people, who live nearby, comment that they are excited that we will be in their ward. The problem is that they are in two different wards. It is a new subdivision and we are the first house to go in so I guess they will have to decide where we belong.

Christian just got a violin. He will be in a string octet, of sorts. We are excited to try this out. He is also working on his report on Mountain Curs for Sage Creek Elementary. A Mountain Cur is the type of dog he hopes to get. It is the type of dog Old Yeller was in the book.

Porter is so fun. He is all boy. If you have seen Old Yeller, he is the younger boy. He loves being outdoors. We went to Moab last weekend and he was in heaven between lizard hunts and walking through a creek on Negro Bill’s Trail. We also got to play on a “beach” by the Colorado River. That boy could not be happier than when he is in nature or with a pet. As rough as he is, he is very sensitive and the most protective of the girls in the family, me and Chelsea the cat.

Warrick continues to hang out at the neighbor’s house whenever he can. Just after he was potty-trained he went over there with a pair of underwear on his head. The dad of the family said, “Nice hat.” He said, with a straight face. “It keeps my ears warm.” We wait for church to hear stories about our 3yo. Today the dad of the family was laughing so hard he could barely tell the story about W coming over and wondering who in the room smelled like a penguin. We also found out that W proposed to 9yo Brooklyn and then to 10yo Sally. (Brooklyn must have turned him down so he went to the next one.) I’m told he even got down on one knee. Sigh.

Other than having a hard time sleeping through the night, Stafford is a calm mellow boy. Unless he is hungry or tired, we don’t hear much from him. His brothers love to carry him around and to make him laugh. He and our cat are best friends. He is soft with her most of the time and she always walks over to him to sit next to him. He loves to hug people and it melts my heart each time he does it. His favorite thing is to walk from one corner of the house to the opposite end of the house and then back again while holding onto someone’s finger. He will continue this until the person pries their finger from his chubby hand. He has found that it is really fun to throw shoes down the stairs.

We went to see my parents for Easter and enjoyed the festivities on both side of my family.

So I guess this is not comprehensive, but more of a cliff notes version. But who has the time to read the unabridged story of my life? No one, so go wash some dishes. :)


Julie said…
Cliff's notes work for me! Good to get updated. Hope all isn't too stressful with the building of the house.

Love and miss you!!
Chelsea said…
I am so glad you are back! Keep the house updates coming!

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