Blog World vs. Reality

Okay, this is the blog picture that a blogger would post with the family all dressed up. Life is so perfect.

Well, if you zoom out you will notice that everything isn't quite so picture perfect. Can you find the missing item? Notice Warrick's shoe, or lack thereof.

Then the reality of life is that we never stand like that and it is not something the boys would ever choose to do. Just moments after the picture, I found them kneeling in their church clothes with a magnifying glass trying to burn bugs. S continued chasing the cat with a stick. (S. didn't even make the cut to be in the first pictures - he wasn't out of his jammies yet.)

Sometimes things are not what they seem.


azandersens said…
Thanks for keeping it real, Kal. I like spying on you too. :) I'm so glad you're blogging again.
Kristie said…
your blog is so funny-- I can relate! burning bugs, missing shoes, playing in the mud, etc. What is it about mud that draws a boy like a magnet??

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