So I went to Oprah last month to be in the studio audience. The trip was so fun. I stayed with my good friend from high school Janalee N. and enjoyed reconnecting with two other friends Kris D. and Chelsea G. It was my first time to Chicago and a very needed break from daily life. Every once in a while it is nice to step out of your little bubble of regular life and re-evaluate and look at things with a different view. I got a lot of time to think, read and contemplate.

The show I watched is going to be broadcast this Tuesday October 20th. Look for me. I'll be wearing pink and my best smile. (Actually, we didn't get the best seats so I'll be surprised if we get our split second of fame that we were hoping for.)


Jody said…
I'm jealous! I've always wanted to go to Oprah. Or Chicago. Or somewhere alone. :)
We'll be down that way sometime during the holidays, and we'd love to see you guys.
Anonymous said…
Kells, that show was interesting to watch and they didn't cut out that convo with the crazy woman either. Guess O is canceling her show. We got there just in the nic of time. Love ya lots. Jan

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