October Pictures


I found this picture when I was putting the pictures on the computer. One of the kids took a picture of me while I was resting.

Porter is so sweet with our cat, Chelsea. Here he is sleeping with her and his build a bear frog that is named Porter. Since we temporarily have three bedrooms, Porter and Christian are in our room until everything is fixed. So Porter sleeps in a sleeping bag. Often I will find him sleeping with his favorite stuffed animals crammed in there with him. Their heads are always poking out like they are really sleeping. Chelsea usually joins the party.

There is a small canyon behind our house. We took some friends hiking up there. One little boy was nervous to climb a steep hill. Christian took the dog's leash off, fastened it on the boys belt loop. He then proceeded to pull him up. It was great to be in the mountains with friends, but the poor kid learned the true meaning of wedgie that day.


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