College Memory

You might want to read the post below before you read this one. It explains why I'm telling this story.

My dog's discovery of an elk leg has triggered a memory from college that I want to write before it fades from my memory.
I was at my first year at USU and visiting some friends from high school. I won't name names (Chelsea and Sheree) but somehow we aquired a deer leg and somehow we decided on a great way to spend an afternoon. Their apartment was on a busy corner where lots of college students walked on their way to campus. We put the leg strategically in the middle of the path, tied white floss to it and pulled the string through their partially opened window. Hidden inside their frontroom we watched and waited. We watched as the students noticed that the large stick in the path was actually a deer leg. They usually pointed it out to a friend and that is when we jerked on the string. Description won't do the scene justice. Picture America's Funniest Videos in real life. A jump and a squeel followed by a split second of frenzy. Even the guys jumped a bit before they acted like nothing happened and continued on their way. I smile even now just thinking of it.

The freedom of youth is knowing how to spend an afternoon with a deer leg and having a great time doing it.


Kristie said…
We would have been great friends in college:)
azandersens said…
That is hilarious. Wish I could have been there. Too bad nobody was filming it.
Chelsea said…
That is one of my favorite college memories! Was that the same day we were trying to sell hot chocolate to earn money for the Thanksgiving Shin-dig turkey? I don't remember... Anyway, thanks for the laugh!

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