Potty Training - Take 1

Warrick and Stafford decided that Stafford was ready to be potty-trained.  They came to me dressed for success.

Lets just say that we started this project at 8 am and things worked so well that by 10 am we bagged the whole thing.  Better luck next time...

Oh and yes, that is an egg in Stafford's palm.  It is his toy of choice.  He takes it everywhere with us, until it cracks.  Then I eat it and we substitute it for another one.  He took it with him to Christian's dentist appointment.  The dentist was shocked that it was a real egg.  I assured her that it was boiled.  I can't imagine that was the strangest thing she had seen all day, but then again, maybe it was. 


Cumorah said…
So funny. The egg cracks me up. Isn't it bizarre what they decide to love?
Julie said…
Laughing right out loud!

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