To immunize or not to immunize

We have all heard the stories of a child getting his immunizations and then the parents say that the child was damaged after.   They say that he was interactive before, but either immediately or within a day or two after the shot the child started acting autistic, had seizures, and even SIDS.  These things always make me nervous.

We went in to get Warrick his shots for Kindergarten.  I bribed him with a bunch of quarters to use at REAM's quarter machines.  He cried a lot and I felt a little bad, but all was well.   While we were waiting in the lobby for a printout to take to the school, the Dr. poked his head out just to chat for a second to me and a friend of mine (Lia) that was there to see the same Dr.  As he was talking to us, Warrick joined us.  At first the Dr. looked at him in a way I can't quite describe.  Warrick's tongue was hanging from the side of his mouth with a little drool dripping for effect.  He then, in slurred speech said, "I'm affected."  


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