3 Stories About Assuming

1.  When I was in fifth grade, Mr. Greenhall told us a story and it went something like this.  "After World War II there was a man who was injured in battle.  He had a wooden eye and was very self concious about it.  As a matter of fact, he kept to himself and seldom went out for fear of being judged.  One night there was a dance in town.  After much prodding form others, he decided that he would go, but he would not dance.  As he was at the dance, he noticed that a woman that hadn't danced the entire evening.  She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and he watched her throughout the night and she, in a shy way, watched him too.  She spent the evening wishing he would approach her and he spent is wishing he had the guts to approach her.  He noticed that she had a peg leg.  That fact actually endeared her to him.  He knew that she would understand him and wouldn't judge him.  On the last dance, with heart racing, he went over to her.  She smiled at him and he asked her to dance.  She exclaimed, "Would I!  Would I!"  The man was appalled that she would make fun of him like that and exclaimed back, "Forget it, Peg Leg, Peg Leg." :)  I still remember this story from so many years ago.  

2.  The second story was told by President Monson and is actually a true story, unlike the previous.
"Forty-seven years ago this general conference, I was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. At the time, I had been serving on one of the general priesthood committees of the Church, and so before my name was presented, I sat with my fellow members of that priesthood committee, as was expected of me. My wife, however, had no idea where to go and no one with whom she could sit and, in fact, was unable to find a seat anywhere in the Tabernacle. A dear friend of ours, who was a member of one of the general auxiliary boards and who was sitting in the area designated for the board members, asked Sister Monson to sit with her. This woman knew nothing of my call—which would be announced shortly—but she spotted Sister Monson, recognized her consternation, and graciously offered her a seat. My dear wife was relieved and grateful for this kind gesture. Sitting down, however, she heard loud whispering behind her as one of the board members expressed her annoyance to those around her that one of her fellow board members would have the audacity to invite an “outsider” to sit in this area reserved only for them. There was no excuse for her unkind behavior, regardless of who might have been invited to sit there. However, I can only imagine how that woman felt when she learned that the “intruder” was the wife of the newest Apostle. "

3.  The last is when my mom was around my age, she was having a busy day with work and family and as she drove past the city pool she saw two little boys huddled underneath their towels cold in the summer breeze.  She thought, "Those poor boys!  Where is their mother!  Who could leave their boys out there like that!"  As she got closer, she realized that they were her boys!

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azandersens said…
The story about your mom is the best one.
Kelly said…
It's sad, but the longer I'm a parent the more I can totally understand how that happened!

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