Porter's Special Day

 This was such a great day.  Everything went so smoothly and there was such a good feeling there.  We have wonderful primary leaders at both the Stake and Ward level that made this a breeze for me.   He was the only one from our ward getting baptized this month so we had the program all to ourselves.  Both grandparents were able to come as well as Cousin Eric who is attending BYU and his girlfriend Lauren,  three of Porter's friends, Andrew Haneberg, Spencer Price, and Will Blackburn, and Deb Horrocks the sweetest primary teacher that Porter had before we went to Canada- she and Porter have a special bond.  Not to mention Glenn and I and all of Porter's brothers, who were so proud of him.  It was perfect.

The Program
Opening Song: I love to See the Temple
Pianist: Grandma Small
Conductor: Granddad Small
(When Porter was 4, he loved this song and would have me play it over and over on the piano.  He would stand right next to my right arm and would never get tired of this song.  It is one of those tender memories that I hold dear.  I was glad, not surprised, that he chose this song.)
Prayer: Grandma Southwick
Talk: Bishop Wilmore
Musical Number:  Happy Family - Christian on violin accompanied by me
Porter's baptism - he was all smiles - even though he said the water was very hot - Glenn confirmed.
While Porter changed Amy  Blackburn played the piano as we wrote notes to Porter.
Talk: Primary President Sister Ellison
Closing Song: Families Can Be Together Forever
Closing Prayer: Warrick Small (Where he prayed that the scriptures wouldn't get destroyed.)

Porter was all smiles before and after his baptism.

Grandma and Granddad Small

I love these people!

Our family went to IHOP after.  Here are Christian and Porter enjoying Lauren and Eric's company.

I like this picture of the 3 generations of men.  Granddad, Glenn, Eric, Christian and even Stafford poking out.

The fight was over who got to sit by Lauren.  She is a great sport to tolerate 4 little boys who think she is so fun.

I took some pictures of everyone around the table.

Glenn was wearing his poppy that he got in Canada for Veteran's Day.  Everyone wears them this time of year to show respect and to remember those who fight for freedom.

Grandpa and his mini-me.

I took a pic of everyone around the table, but me.  I knew how to fix that - the old hold the camera in the outstretched arm trick.   I  thought it would be just me, but no, look at the angel that joined me in the background. :)


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