Another Trip to S. Utah

Chuck-A-Gramdma. Swimming. Dead Animal Museum. Park. Zion National Park. Dollar Store.

Outside Grandma and Grandpa's House
Grandpa, Cousin Craig, Christian, Stafford
Where's Waldo?

The Dead Animal Museum
The dead animal museum is really called something else, but we can never remember the name. 

We had not been there since Warrick was two.  He remembered the skunk family and the living turtle.    We didn't. As soon as we got in he said, "See, there's the turtle."  Then he lead us to the skunk family.

Stafford looks surprised, maybe even shocked or possibly slightly confused.  I'm not sure what happened just then, but I have a feeling that Jade does.

Warrick loved showing Jade around the joint.

Stafford insisted that this was his pet.

What's that saying about pets looking like their owners?

Dad thinks if he doesn't look directly at the camera that it will go away - not the case.
I imagine my dad acting and looking a lot like Stafford when he was a little boy.

Stafford, Craig, Porter, Christian, Warrick and Jade.
There is a little cabin that the kids played in for about 1.5 hours and wanted to stay longer.  At one point they had Jade cooking dinner while they went out into the world.  The funny part is that she seemed perfectly happy doing so.

Mom, Cherie', and me.

They had serious adventures of floods, earthquakes and thunder storms - some very stressful situations. 

Craig didn't get the memo that they were serious in this picture.

The older boys were really nice to the little ones and included them in the excitement.  They invited other little kids to play as they came into the area.  At one point there was quite the following.
Zion National Park
Zion is one of my favorite places in the world and Angels Landing (the cliff  in the pic) is one of my favorite hikes.  It is short, but beautiful and I have some really funny memories made on those trails.

This tree looked like it had two extra trunks performing the splits.

Every Easter, we used to hike to Emerald Pools.  I thought it would be great to share this with my kids.  What I didn't remember from my youth was that there is a rather large cliff on one side of the trail.  With all of the kids stumbling along, my blood pressure was getting dangerously high.  We cut the hike short, for my safety, and instead kept to lower ground 

Craig and Stafford - Notice their matching dirt bums.
The activities at the river included skipping rocks, or trying to and throwing a branch in and then trying to bomb it with rocks.  The kids loved seeing Uncle Craig skip rocks and would gather them for him.  The rocks got progressively larger because they enjoyed the cannon ball effect.
This is the last rock they brought to Uncle Craig to watch him heft it and create a splash. 
The boys admired the large splash that it made.  I admired his form.  His toes were even pointed.


azandersens said…
Where is this dead animal museum? Never heard of it.
Kelly said…
It is hooked to the Dixie Center.
csouthwick said…
I love the pics if Stafford and Craig. What special friends they are going to be! We can't wait until your next visit!

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