Last Year He was Baptized and Now He's Nine - A Look Back over Porter's Year

Here is a collection of pictures, thoughts and stories of Porter from the past year.  There are more pictures, but I'm not sure where they are.  I'm still working out the kinks of moving from one computer to the next and now having a phone that some of my pictures are located. 
Swimming in Aspen Grove

This kid has always done well in the water.  When he was four, he would wear a life jacket and float on his back and go from one end of the pool to the other again and again.   He was so relaxed.
1.  "I don't think Justin Bieber should get married."
"Why?" I asked.
"Think of all the hearts he'd break."

2.  Today, Warrick was crying in Wal-mart.  Porter held him in a hug and tried to comfort him.  A lady came over and wanted to compliment Porter for being so nice to his brother.  She gave him two quarters.  Then she gave some to Warrick because he was sad.  Then Stafford asked if he could have some and she smiled and gave him some and then she gave Christian some too so he wouldn't be left out.  Then she said to Porter, "Well now you have the same amount as everyone else so I better give you more."  She made their day and I think they will remember her kindness.  It was a happy and proud mom moment and a humbling moment that a stranger would be so kind to us.

3.  The Pinewood Derby

The car got "Best of Show"

Porter was very excited about this event.
He doesn't procrastinate and was constantly asking Glenn to help him on his car and drew several sketches of just how he wanted it to look.

Kade L., Porter and Warrick
They all look amazed.  Or shocked.  Not sure what happened.

4.  Porter started 3rd grade with Mrs. Gonzales as his teacher.  On the first day of school I was waiting for Porter's class to get out.  A mom was there and asked if I was Porter's mom.  She said her son followed Porter around last year like a shadow and that Porter was so nice to him and that she was so thankful that he had been kind.  She said that he was nice to everyone and that her son thought the world of him and was so glad that they were in the same class again.

5.  Porter had his first flag football game.  We noticed he was hesitant as he played, unlike in practice.  After the game he said that he was going up against a smaller guy and he didn't want to go too hard on him because he didn't want the boy to get his feelings hurt.  He also feels bad for the other team when his team wins.

6.  When Porter was three we took him to the neighbors house that had 18 cats, literally.  I'm actually thinking that 18 is a low estimate.  Anyway, we were off to get him a cat. He picked out a cute little black one; they were all black.  I put it on his lap while he sat in the stroller and we walked back home.  Ever since Chelsea and Porter have had a special bond.  She has moved 4 times with us, smuggle across the Canadian border and lost in Chicago. She has adjusted very well to all of the moves and every time, especially in the initial adjustment for the boys, she has been a constant and a comfort.  When Porter is feeling stressed at night he'll find "the girl" and cuddle with her like a stuffed animal, only better, softer, warmer and cuter.  Stafford told me the other day that we have two girls in the family, me and Chelsea.  We love having this cat.  She is so easy to take care of.  As a matter of fact, in the summer, when people come over, they seldom know we have a cat.  She stays outside, except to come in and eat.  Easy!

7.  Porter is a fun kid.  He is sensitive.  He is responsible.  He is punctual.

8.  He will be out on the baseball/soccer/football field and is so entertaining because though he will give it his all when it is play time, but when there is any down time he does the funniest things.  Pure entertainment.   When Porter played coach pitch baseball, he started pointing before he would hit.  I guess Babe Ruth did something like that.  But it became his trademark and his coach would remind him to do it before he would pitch the ball to him.  When he is on bass he usually is chats with the others.  When he is on the line for football, he usually is making jokes and laughing with his own teammates and the other team too.  He doesn't take any of it to seriously between plays, but jumps right in when it's "go" time.

9.  He loves to make me happy.  He started a business of brushing my hair.  It was 10 cents a session.  He even had a sale that lasted a few days of 5 cents a session.  When he makes me laugh, there is a small smile that he gets.  Then he will do the thing that made me laugh, over and over again.

10.   He is a saver.  He saves his money like crazy and as a result is rich.  He begged to open up a bank account so he could start earning interest.  I have, more than once had moms tell me that their son loves playing with Porter.  He is tender.  His feelings are hurt easily.  He is tender in regards to other's feelings.  When he sees something sad, he will talk about it often and keep saying how sad it is. If people are not perceptive, they don't notice how soft he is.

11.  He gets nervous and scared sometimes.  He is the type you just want to pull onto your lap (even though his long legs dangle down) and just hold him and protect him.  There is a feeling of wanting to shelter him from everything and everyone.  To never let tears drip from his eyes.  To never see him quickly wiping them away hoping that no one saw a piece of his heart.  I'm thankful that I get to be his mom and while I know he must go out and learn to live with disappointment and hurt, I try my best to be ready to hold him and rock him when his heart hurts.  I'm glad it's my turn to be his support (well I have to share this job with the cat) because I know one day he will be too big to sit on my lap.  One day, even when he hurts, he won't want to sit on my lap and one day, there will be someone else he will go to for comfort.  That's the way it should be - needs to be.  But right now it's mine and Chelsea's turn and we'll take it.

12.  He has such a great, contagious laugh and a good sense of humor.  He can laugh at himself and the world around him.

13.  He loves outdoors.  Camping.  Hiking.  BB guns.  Boating. Hunting (though he feels badly even when he catches a fish).

14.  He loves being involved with Christian's ideas, being in charge of Warrick, teasing Stafford and doing work with his dad.

15.  Porter is a good worker when it comes to the manual labor type things.  He will pick blackberries even though his bare hands are scratched from the thorns.  He'll shovel snow, dirt and rocks.  He loves when Glenn builds things with him.

16.  Porter plays the piano.  He almost quit, but then said,  "If I don't play the piano, then how will be have music in my home?"  I told him he could marry someone who played the piano.  I guess he didn't want to take that chance since he decided to stick with it.

I love having this kid around!


azandersens said…
What a cute kid! I'm thinking he's 9, Izzy's 7 . . . 2 years is nothing once you're in your 20's, right?
Dorothy said…
LOVED this post. Porter is a great kid--glad he's in our cub scout group now. He always is positive and enthusiastic about everything!

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