Warrick Turns 8

This kid is sweet to the core.  He is thoughtful, deep and smart.  Super smart.  He thinks about things a lot, loves to learn and is easy to teach.  He catches onto concepts quite easily.

He is the first of our boys that is not color blind.  When he was a toddler, his older brothers were often found asking him if something was a certain color or not.

He makes me laugh.  He is funny, but not in a "that was a funny thing to say for a kid" but in a "that was funny to say, I don't care who you are" sort of way.  He has a great laugh that makes me smile.

He is obedient.  If I ask the boys to do something.  He does it and does his best to keep doing it.  Like I asked them to not get a new cup every time they wanted a sip of water, but to use the same cup for awhile.  He started picking out a cup and putting it in a special place so he would always know where it was.

He is responsible and can be trusted.  If he says he won't or if he says he will then I don't worry about it anymore.

He is grateful, loving and as cliche' as it sounds, a joy to have around.

He is mellow and stable with his emotions.  When things don't go as planned, he handles it well.  No fits, but occasionally his hazel eyes (that are magical to me) will fill with tears and they will quietly fall down his cheeks.

He is tough too.  He has taken spills that would keep most kids down, but Warrick pops right up and keeps going.  He will often have bruises all over and doesn't even know where they came from.

He started practicing football with Porter's team this year and was able to hold his own.  He is fast and if he gets knocked down by the older kids, he shakes it off.

He is talented in art and loves to create.  He has just started the piano and is doing well.
I found a picture of Christ with a little brown haired boy.  I showed it to Warrick and said it reminded me of him because the boy looked like him. I wanted him to identify with the boy who was sitting with Christ. Usually when a boy in a picture has the same color of hair then the kids think they look alike.  Not the case with Warrick.  He looked at the picture and said, with no animation - think Napoleon Dynamite, "That looks nothing like me.  What do you think I look like?"

Christian tip-toed up behind Warrick.  It startled Warrick when he realized that Christian was there.
Christian said, "Did I just scare the crap out of you?"
Warrick hesitated.  "No, just a little pee."

Warrick is so fun to be around.  He has a calming spirit and is someone I'd choose to hang out with even if he wasn't my son.  I can't wait to see the person he turns into one day.


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