Temple Square

This year we went to Temple Square with Glenn's sister LaDonna, her husband Royce,  daughter Kate, son Blaine, and Blaine's girlfriend Carly.  Royce led the group.  He used to live in Salt Lake and so he knows a lot about the area and whatever he doesn't know, I'm quite certain, he makes up.  Porter was a very close second and seldom was more than three inches away from Royce.  The rest of us fell in line. Though it was crowded it brought the Christmas spirit.

We only lost Royce and Porter once, but they were together and once Warrick turned right instead of left - big mistake.  I noticed he was missing after my head count ended at 3 instead of 4 and we found him quickly.

The evening wasn't too cold and Royce and LaDonna provided lots of laughs and great company.

Warrick (8)
Stafford (5) 

Porter (10) stuck to Uncle Royce's side like glue.
When we couldn't find one, we'd look for the other.
They are quite the pair.


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