The Season Ends

Tonight was the last game of Porter's basketball season.
Glenn was able to coach him.
The season turned out much better than any of us expected.
Glenn has a talent of connecting with the boys on his team.
His main goal is to build up the boys - to let them know they are special.
He focuses on praise and gently teaches them the rules.
Since winning is part of the fun, (lets be honest) he quietly instructs them and tries to bring the best out in them.
And does the best he can with the team he is given.
When he sees a kid smile or feel good about themselves, that's what keeps Glenn coaching.  Even with all of his travel and school assignments - it's worth it.

Just today a mom told me how much she loved the way Glenn coached and the way he treated the boys.  Her son was on his team two years ago, but she was still talking about it.  She talked about how much fun the boys had.
She then told me that anytime she see's him coaching, she tells the other parents what a great coach he is.

We all have our different strengths and this is one of Glenn's.
I'm thankful that he is willing to do it.


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