Snapshot of My Day This Very Moment

Right now as I sit down to my computer...
I'm at a desk that gets piled up with "stuff" - a new system is definately in order.  I'll add it to the list of "To Dos".
Everyone just finished their Morning Must Do List.
The first day of summer was exhausting and non-stop.
There was a lot of hands on work for me.
There was a lot of encouragement - even though they all thought the plan was a good idea yesterday.
There was a lot of "See, 15 minutes really isn't that long," explanations.
There was a lot of math. "I am only asking you to do a few things the ENTIRE day."
It will get smoother.  But right now, I'm playing catch up.
I have a long list of things I need to get done, but I'm putting out fires instead.
I need to go to the store, but still don't have a list ready.
I have piles of crumbs swept to the spots I always sweep them to before they end up in the dust bin. More often than not, I'm simply proud to get the pile out of the way and then I get interrupted and the little piles sit in their little corners - little mice buffets.  Thanks goodness for our master hunter, Chelsea, and a Pest Control Company, Moxie.
There is a pair of socks draped over the banister - I guess that's better than the floor.
The dishwasher is obediently washing our dirty dishes.
Craft sticks have been pulled out.
Shoes are scattered around - I have summoned their owners to take care of this.
The clothes washer is waiting patiently with wet clothes - I just need a minute to get in there.
Three of the four boys are out in the yard with a couple of neighbors looking at Christian's squirrel trap.

Pandora is playing "Carry On" by FUN - a feel good song.
I'm smiling.  Inside.  Probably scowling on the outside - if we're being honest.
It's early afternoon and I've already herded two boys out the door for swim team, ran down to a swimming meeting for parents that I had to leave to go teach yoga.  I took two boys to their first tennis lesson, took the other two boys to the library to gather reading material for the next few days, got locked out of the parking lot to the tennis courts, sent Porter past the gates to gather his brothers while I listened to my book on tape, "The Boys in the Boat".  Took all the boys home, fed them nachos with not a veggie or fruit in sight and then I continued tutoring Stafford in reading in math.  (He is learning long vowel sounds and place value.)
The counters are not completely wiped.
The sink is not completely clean.
There is a cookie sheet waiting to be washed by hand.
I have yet to find the wet towels that were taken to swim team.  I wonder where they are and if I'll find them before the smell finds me.
I need to clean my car before I carpool tomorrow.
All the boys pile back into the house.
Christian figured out how to learn math this summer online so I don't need to purchase a workbook - bonus.
And now my six year old is saying, "What can I do?"
I don't answer.
So he goes to the squirt bottle and is now spraying it into the air.
I still haven't showered, but I am dressed and I do have make-up and deodorant on.
AND my bed is made!
90 minutes until dinner time.
I think I'm going to have to move my Wal-Mart/Costco trip back a day.
I have enough milk and gas to last one more day.  I hope.
My 13 year old is hungry.  Again.
My 10 year old is playing a game on his tablet.
My 8 year old is now playing with the 6 year old.
My 13 year old has now satisfied his growing hunger and is now fiddling around on the guitar.
The 6 and 8 year old have disappeared.
The 10 year old hasn't moved in an hour.

I feel hot.


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