Christmas Lights

The night started at Crown Burger, with the rest of the state of Utah.
After dinner, we were walking to Temple Square when Stafford announced he needed to go.
Crown Burger was packed and crazy and going back in there was too much.
So, we turned away as he found a bush.
Discrete was something we thought he would try to be.
Not the case.
Legs wide, hips pushed out.

The evening was nice, not too cold and not too crowded.
As we looked at some displays, we heard a distant chanting.
It was erie and hard to decipher what was happening.
Then it grew louder.
A large group of people, some with scary Freddy Kruger masks, made their way down the street.
Right when they got next to where we were standing, they fell on the ground.
Still chanting.
Cops were spotted here and there - just in cas.
It was creepy and the boys seemed a little scarred from it all.
Then the "demonstration" moved on and we could hear them every now and then as they moved throughout the area.
We then gave the kids an impromptu lesson on freedom of speech 
and stupid people.
Topping the night off with hot chocolate, we headed home.


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