Martin Luther King Day

My day started out by teaching a yoga class at The Studio.
I love teaching there.
It is above the local Herb Shop and Organic Cafe.
It draws people that have a wide array of beliefs.
While yoga isn't religious, it is spiritual and I love sharing that with others.

After I got home, the boys took Bella on a one hour hike.
The purpose of this hike was to wear her out so she could handle being home alone for the rest of the day.

We did our Saturday chores.  
Each boy does their regular job: their area and kitchen job and then we add their bedroom 
and 15 minute clean team.
Then we piled into the van, sans Bella.
As we were pulling out of the driveway we saw a pitiful sight.
Bella had run to the front window and had wiggled herself between the blinds and the window.
She looked so sad.
we took her with us.

I had lots of returns to do.
She waited in the car.
The boys sometimes came and sometimes stayed with her.
There was lots of laughter and joking around.
We had a snack at Wendy's.
Then I dropped Christian and Porter off to play paintball.
Warrick, Stafford and I went to the dinosaur museum.
(This place was my best friend when the boys were itty-bitty.)

Christian and Porter also slipped in a little mini-golf while they waited for me.
We ended the night with Wendy's again!
Full circle.

That night as I was tucking in Porter,
he told me that he and Christian had really bonded
and that Christian was his best friend.

That is why I do it.
If the day had been for me,
I would have chosen so many other activities,
but I'm so glad that I didn't.
That is why I do most of the things I do - 
in hopes that there will be bonds made,
friendships created,
and brotherhood strengthened.

Because when I am gone, I hope they will have each other.
I hope they will not feel as lonely as they could in this world 
because they know they have a brother.

Tomorrow may bring disagreements, 
but as in everything in life,
things ebb and flow
and it's the general trend that matters.

I love my people!


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