The Lego pieces that once covered the floor,
are still there,
but now we have Magic the Gathering Cards
in the mix too.

When I first saw these cards, 
I was slightly disturbed.
And I secretly tossed the weirdest/grossest ones in the trash
and hid the rest - passive/aggressive.

Then one day,
they found them.
They started playing with them.
The began choosing this game over electronics.
The worked together to build their decks and to learn the game.
They researched new cards.
And I stopped looking at the cards so that I could this moment in time
where the three oldest boys are excited about the same things
and sharing this part of their lives together.
I love the friendship and bonds they are building,
even if the cards are more "fantasy" than I like.
Sometimes it's best to just look away.
Look away.

The only problem is that this guy is not quite old enough to play the game.
So he is left to hang out with the dog.
He says he's going to marry her.


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