First Day of School Eve

We met Christian's teacher today. She seems great and so nice - perfect for first grade. Well, she tried to talk to him and he froze. He became totally mute. All I could do was look from Mrs. Wood to Christian and act like he simply wasn't much of a talker. Now, any of you who know this little boy know that things are quite the opposite, but I'm sure time will sort this out.

It is such a strange thing to put a child of yours under the responsibility of another adult, a stranger really. There is this yearning of the parent that the other adult will see the potential and good qualities of your child, but that doesn't always happen. As Christian acted so differently from his normal self, I couldn't help but to hope and pray that he will be relaxed and that he will be noticed and that, above all, he will feel accepted and be happy.

Good luck in the jungle, Christian


Anonymous said…
Hi Kelly--
My thoughts exactly. It's frightening to send my little guy to kindergarten and it's exactly that wish that makes it hard--you just wish that the teacher will recognize all the potential that you see in your child. Yikes. It's wonderful and sad to send them out into the jungle. Our school starts Monday, so I'll close my eyes and hold my breath. And since my eyes will be closed already, I'll pray. :)

Good luck to you guys--

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