Highlights from our Summer

We live very close to Thanksgiving Point and find ourselves there almost two times a week. Every Monday Night they have activities with themes. This night was pirate night and here is Christian ready for the treasure hunt at the dino museum.

Three boys in a tub.

Round Up Week in Lehi is quite the celebration. There are activities all over the place. There are three parades too. The first one is just of horses all decorated and such. The next one is just of kids. Each ward does it's own float as well as other churches, some families, etc.

The next parade is all the kids plus bigger floats too. All parades of course wouldn't be complete without candy to fight over with other kids. It teaches speed and agility. The faster you go, the more candy you get.

We went to St. George for the 4th of July. We went to the Cedar City Parade. Same parade - different year. I love it. Then we went to Paragoonah to their races and small town games. The kids had a ball. Christian and Porter won their races. Warrick thought it pointless to run to mom when he had dad right there so he grudgingly walked to the finish line with a scowl on his face.

We got two new furballs this summer. Conrag (not a typo it is really Conrag with a G) and Chelsea. They are the toy of choice most times.

We went to Indiana for a Small Family Reunion. It was lots of fun and the game that stole the show was corn hole. As soon as we get our own set you are all invited to play. Here is a small sample of the crew that was there.


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