Look at the Data

Studio West had a discussion about gay marriage and the way it will affect society. Fortunately there are already some countries (mostly northern scandanavian countries) that already allow gay marriage. This is not a new thing so we can look at their statistics to get a better picture of things. The countries that have changed the definition of marriage from man and women have found that when you take away this special definition then men and women stop getting married. It becomes obsolete and pointless. There weren't more marriages in those contries when you added gay people to the mix, but just the opposite. There were less marriages.

I think the marriage commitment is significant and important to the stability and security of families. I used to think gay marriage was not my problem and that they should be able to do what they wish, but there are far reaching implications of that. The implications will touch everyone and the video above shows it will even touch your children and the friends of your children.

You can get more concrete statistics if you search for them and the transcript for the show would probably be on Studio West's website.


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