Something to Think/Talk/Vote About

I don't post many links here (I don't post much at all.), but this is worth spreading. I can't remember how to get it to show as a link so this will have to do. Just copy and paste.


Julie said…
This just makes me sick. What a good idea to post this video on your blog!
Julie said…
By the way, to insert this in your post, you first have to go to the video and click on Menu at the bottom, then Get Code. Copy the code, then back on your blog while creating a new post, click on the Edit HTML tab next to the Compose tab that automatically comes up. Paste in that code, and voila! You have yourself the actual video on your blog. Hope that makes sense. (It's just like when you added goodreads to your blog, except this is in the body of a post!)
Mandy said…
THank you for posting this video. I knew there would be bad consequences if Prop 8 failed, but I had no idea this was going on in our country!! I would pull my kids out of public school so fast... I am so glad it passed!

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