Homeschool Highlights

We use Math-U-See for Porter. There are little videos that explain the concepts and then the teacher's manual has fun ideas, stories and worksheets to reinforce what they have learned. Today, when we watched the video, we made an event of it. We popped popcorn and cuddled in a blanket. Porter is also working on making the armpit fart sound with his knee.

Christian is working on multiplication. Instead of flashcards we use a website that drills the facts. Christian begs to do this. They compete against other kids that are online. They race and the faster they answer, the faster they go. If they get one wrong then they are delayed. It really is quite fun and I find myself wathing over his shoulder to see what place he will come in. You can find it at - great practice.

Warrick attends preschool. When I picked him up today and asked what he learned. He looked at me with a furrowed brow, "Nothing," as though that was a silly thing to assume. He sure had a great time though and I guess that is worth the $50.

Stafford ends most sentences with "mom". And is unhealthily obsessed with horses.


Cumorah said…
Definitely going to try the math racing games --- do you know of any great online games to help with teaching reading?
Kelly said…
Hey Cumorah,
I can't thing of any that are as fun as the racing game one, but my younger boys like
If I come across any other then I'll let you know.

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