What did you do today?

You know as well as I know that vitamin D is very good for you and that it comes from sun shining on the skin. If you don't know that then you should. Even Oprah knows this. Anyway, in attempt to get my vitamin D, I went out in the sun. I felt bad for our dog and so I let her sit out on the front porch with me. I had my phone and a great book and watched as the kids were sledding down our front yard. (Yes, it's that steep.) Well, when I had soaked up my fill of vitamin D I gathered my book and gathered my phone... wait, where was my phone? I searched all of my pockets thrice. Then I glanced at our large dog down the street bugging some construction workers. I had a hunch. I went and got our home phone to dial my cell phone. I couldn't hear a thing, but it turns out that the construction workers heard something ring from inside our dog's head.  It's not everyday that you see a first dog with a ringing head. Yes, that "dear" dog of our swiped my phone and ran away. I finally got it back and other than slobber and snow getting into it, it still works fairly well.

Well, later that night we had family come over for a football game. Have you ever heard the term "swinging from the rafters"? If you have not then you need to take some vitamin D and get out of the house more. My husband and I mention how well the boys were playing. Then I realize something must be amiss. I called to them and asked them what they were doing. "Just swinging," the four year old answers. Swinging?

"What are you Swinging on?"

"A sheet," was the nonchalant answer.

"What is the sheet tied to?" I ask bracing myself for the answer. It was tied to the railing on the stairs - the closest thing we have to rafters. They were having a ball. Sadly, we had to put a stop to the party.

What a day.


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