Ottawa - Canada's Capitol

Glenn had meetings in Ottawa and the boys had a day off school so we the four of us tagged along.

While Glenn was in Meetings, the boys and I went to the Museum of Civilization, the War Museum and even killed some time in McDonalds Play Area where we met a nice woman who got their life histories of all the places they have lived.

The Children's Museum in the Museum of Civilization was fun for the boys. Stafford preferred the History of the Horse Exhibit in the adult section of the museum. We walked through it several times and he exclaimed at all the horses each time.

Porter and Warrick's favorite part was making clay sculptures.

Christian spent at least 30 minutes playing African drums in the African exhibit. There was an African-Canadian woman there teaching people and Christian got a few private lessons. He loved it. I have to admit that was one of my favorite parts of the museum too. She was soooo good. I love the rhythm.

Warrick on stage as "The Owl".

Arabian Knights and a highjacker.

The War Museum
Before we came Christian's teacher read a book about a bear in the war museum. A girl sent it to her dad while he was fighting in WWI. He died and they sent it to his family along with a note that his 7 yo son had written to him. War is so sad.

This bear didn't look as sad as the other.

I think the two highlights were seeing real soldiers and chasing each other around and between two columns. Notice Warrick squished in between the older boys.

On our way out of town we stopped by Parliament.

On our way to Ottawa, Glenn was amazed to see a sign that said, "Glen Small Road". It is one thing to have a sign with your first or last name, but both is unbelievable. We stopped on our way home to take a picture. Upon closer inspection...


azandersens said…
Kelly, I am so flattered! Glad to have you back. You won't regret documenting your adventures in Canada. Just so you know, I keep a private blog just for myself where I can write more personal things, and I post "status updates" there instead of sharing them with all 500 of my facebook friends.:)

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