Mother's Day Weekend

 We rode the subway into Toronto.  The kids were all smiles - and nerves.
 Union Station.  Seen here in the picture is one of the games the kids end up playing when we go into stores.  They march in a height line in train formation.  (The other game is marching in the same line like soldiers.)  Not sure why they do this, but it keeps them from climbing where they shouldn't or hiding from me.
 Union Station mini-train.  Ignore the fact that I look like a boy.
 We attended a Jay's Baseball game.
Here is the view of the CN Tower from our baseball seats.

This trip was so fun.  There were no melt-downs or major happening - Sorry, no "interesting" stories to report, but remember your entertainment is quite another thing for me.

However, a family of 4 boys seems to be a novelty in these parts as we probably got 7 or 8 comments from strangers about our testosterone filled situation. Three different people even thought it was a fun game to try to guess their ages.  I should have told them they were quadruplets just to confuse them long enough for us to sneak away - distraction technique #43.


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