Remember we have 3 garbages.  1.  Compost and diapers 2.  Recycle  3.  Everything else which isn't much so it only gets picked up every other week.

This is what it is like to live with racoons when you are not smarter than a racoon.  Gross.

The racoon(s) comes at night (sometimes even before it is "night"  which lights my fire - at least try to be sneaky about it) and tips over our compost garbage can.  (So when the dear rodent dumps the compost bin he/she also dumps and sorts through the diaper bin by default.  I don't know if you know, but I now know that these guys/gals are thorough creatures.  They WILL NOT be tricked.  They see something that looks and smells like a diaper, but who knows what might really be inside that white bundle.  You can never be sure.  So they investigate.  They tear the thing apart and sometimes, just for kicks, drag it across the deck.

Well, yesterday I had an unfortunate event take place in the kitchen.  It had something to do with boiling eggs, running out of water and egg exploding and lots of stink.  I put the unfortunate event outside on the deck since the fumes were nauseating.  I was about to bring it in for the night when I thought about our little raccoon.  I wondered if even a beggar such as he/she would eat something so burnt and stinky.  So I left it out on the deck.  And this is what we found.  The raccoon strolled up to our deck via the fence and not only helped himself before we were even in bed, but did it with Christian watching on the other side of the sliding glass door about 3 feet away. 

I guess it seems like the outcome of this experiment could have been easily predicted.  Kind of like when a four year old holds up a glass vase and thinks, "I wonder what would happen if I drop this on the hard tile floor."   I'll admit that this experiment might be on the level of a four year old, but at least I now know two things for sure. Yes, raccoons will eat burnt boiled eggs.  And yes, the glass vase will break if you drop it.


Jody said…
Our next door neighbor's dog used to do the same thing to us. Except he only went for the diapers. The poopy ones. The only consolation for Kevin, as we cleaned the mess up time after time, was the mental picture of him at home giving our neighbors "doggy kisses." Good luck with the raccoons.

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