Canada Pictures

Disclaimer - Most of the photos in this post are blurry. The last few weeks in Canada were memorable, but my camera started to malfunction. But since these are the only pictures I have of this time in our lives, I'm posting them anyway, for memory's sake.

Porter was having a hard afternoon. He decided he needed some time alone. We found him later like this. I guess a little sleep will heal grumpiness - I've always thought that.

In the front closet.

Sister Williams = The type of person that is so kind hearted, you feel like a better person just being around her.  She was Porter's Sunday School teacher.   Kids are sensitive to this sort of thing and Porter truly loved her back.  It didn't hurt that she baked delicious yummies from time to time.  

The scouts and their families (two families) visited Sister William's house just north of where we lived.

We roasted marshmallows on a fire that would singe your hair if you looked at it wrong.  I think Warrick just learned the true meaning of singed hair.  Notice Porter and Stafford are frozen in almost the exact same position, each telling a similar, but different story.

It was amazing that the city ends abruptly and you get miles of beauty.  It was so green and reminded me of an England countryside.  There was so much land for the boys to play on, trees all over and three dogs to make it even more interesting.

Stafford hanging out with the dog.  If those eyes are not enough to spook you...

Toronto Temple

Notice Porter in each of the next pictures.  I've decided he cant help himself and even when we plead with him to be normal, something like this happens.  I guess that is his normal.  He makes me laugh on a regular basis - goofball.

Porter's church class.  The boy sitting in the front was fresh from the Philippines and just learning  English.  The other kids are Lydia, JoAnn, and Eugene.

King of the Mountain

Playing at the neighbor's.

"The Girls"
The dog.


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