Status Update

  1. I went in to check on my sleeping children.  When I checked on my 3 year old, the cat had her head on his pillow and Stafford was laying on the bed horizontally at her feet in a nice little ball.  Um...
  2. Warrick was talking to himself and we heard him say, "Tuesday, Threesday, Foursday..."
  3. I miss Canada.
  4. I love What Not to Wear because they teach people they can be beautiful just the way they are.  They teach them to love the bodies they have and to cherish your body now - not when you reach some perceived ideal.  The temples of God are taken care of meticulously and so should the temples of our bodies.
  5. I love Biggest Looser because I love seeing people work hard and improve.  When I was watching it once, Warrick said, "Is this the exercise show that you always cry during?"  Why yes, it is.


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