Two years ago when we lived in Glenn's parents house, I was afraid our boys would be lonely since all of the families in the neighborhood were much older.  Well, I was wrong and Warrick found lots of friends including the Day Family. He spent a lot of time over there and as a result, the family started quoting the things that he would say and named them "Warrick-isms".  When we moved, he was deemed the neighborhood mascot because he was seemed to be at every party.  One time we were at a party at Granny Days house.  We hadn't seen Warrick for awhile.  We looked into the backyard of the Well's house.  There were a ton of kids running around for their family reunion.  As we looked closer, we saw Warrick flying around with them as though he belonged.  He was having a great time.  When we went to get him, Mrs. Wells told us one of the relatives kept seeing him run by and couldn't figure out which family he belonged to. Another time, Mrs. Wells thanked me for letting him come over to her college age kids' party.  She said he livened it up and broke the ice.  I didn't ever ask for details. I just collected my little guy and went home and closed the blinds.

Anyway, he has grown up a bit since then, but every now and then he says something worth talking about. Here are two little Warrick-isms that happened in the last couple of days.

When reading the Book of Mormon, Warrick was starting a chapter and the first word of every chapter is in all caps.  Warrick paused at the word "AND".  "Go ahead,"  Glenn prompted.  "But it's all big." said Warrick.  "That's okay, read it." Warrick took a deep breath and yelled at the top of his lungs, "AND!!!"  Glenn and I were a bit surprised.  "My teacher said that if a word is all big, then you say it loud."  And say it loud is what he did.  Thanks Mrs. Gallagher for teaching our son.

I was trying to help him get his pants on and he was twisting and pulling weird.  I asked what he was doing.  "I was pulling my underwear down because it was in my butt.  No one likes that."


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