Some thoughts that don't deserve a post of their own.

1.  I love the sound of a clicking keyboard.

2.  I tried to sneak in a 20 minute workout at the gym before school while the big kids were home to watch the little kids.  I had the kids repeat to me the things they needed to do while I was gone, eat, dishes, get dressed, read, etc.  I drove 5 minutes to the gym and as soon as I walked in I got a call, "Warrick just called 911!"  I have a feeling it is going to be one of those days.

3.  I like green smoothies.

4.  I'm looking out my back window and snow is floating lightly to the ground.  It makes me feel so cozy and so thankful for a warm home.

5.  When my cat sits on my lap, I don't want to move and will put off doing things as long as I can to just sit with her as she sleeps wrapped in a warm ball.

6.  I think it is so fun to have people coming to our door with Christmas goodies.  I love to be surprised by who is there and what they brought and I'm thankful to have people who are thinking of us.

7.  My 2nd favorite sight from my front window is looking at the houses of the city with colorful Christmas lights.  It looks like a winter village.  But my most favorite sight is looking at the windmills to the south.  I don't know why, but they amaze me and make me happy to see them spinning up against the mountain.  Maybe it is the grandeur of it, maybe the rhythmic turning, not sure, but I like it.

8. When I was younger, quite a bit younger, I was in a dance performance and we had two dances to perform and a quick change in between dances. During that quick change and with only moments to spare, I slipped on my black leotard.  Something wasn't quite right.  I took it off and upon closer inspection, I realized that I had grabbed from my drawer that morning, a leotard that was AT LEAST two sizes too small.  I'm not sure why I still had it lurking in my dance drawer, but I have lived to regret that it was.  To spare you the pain of those next few minutes, I just want to point out that when a leotard is too small, you have a choice, either it can fit over your shoulders and your behind partially hangs out the bottom OR you can bare your shoulders, cover your bottom, and hope it doesn't fall off completely.  I was not faced with great choices at that moment.  There was an internal panic.  A choice had to be made.  My sense of responsibility was greater than my sense of propriety.  (These two things have since changed places of importance in my life due to that 3 minute jig I was to preform.)  I did what I felt I had to do.  The show must go on.  We each had our part and I was going to do mine.  I made my choice, tried to compress my spine to lessen the impact of the size difference, squared my shoulder as much as my constricting leotard would allow and went out on that stage as though nothing was awry.  My shoulders were covered which meant... I'm quite certain that I put on a show for the dancers behind me that I'm sure they never forgot.  (If you are reading this and you were one of those dancers that witnessed the event, please don't tell me your side of the story.  Please.)  That was my most embarrassing moment, until... well, I'm not ready to talk about the next one yet.

9.  I get a kick out of hearing my kids talk to the TV when the characters on the show ask them their opinion or any question at all.  Their eyes are glued "in the zone" and their little voices mumble the answer.  It is a very important moment in their lives, as it should be.

10.  I got home from being out and about and noticed an unidentifiable streak of something across the back of my coat.  How long has that been there?


azandersens said…
Warrick calling 911 does deserve a post on it's own. And the small leo story reminds me of something that would've happened (in my life and) in "A Girl Called Zippy". Have you read that book? You need to if you haven't.
Kelly said…
I have not read that book, but if it makes me feel any better about my lifethen I'm game. I'll put it down in goodreads.

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