In the Words of a 3 year old

I realize that these are not cute to anyone, but Glenn and I, but they are things I wish I had taken note of with my older boys.

1.  Glenn asked the boys what they thought the secret of success was.  Stafford waved his hand in the air like his pants were on fire.  When Glenn called on him he said, "Secret of success is no jumping on the bed."  I think there might be something to that.

2.  Going around the Thanksgiving table and saying what we are thankful for, Stafford said, "I'm thankful for my food that nobody take my food and that a horse doesn't poo on my food.

3.  "My fader died."  Drops his head and shakes it.  "He was in jail."  Head still hung.  Still shaking, pitiful.

4.  Laying under the Christmas tree, singing to himself, Stafford whispers.  "Happy Christmas to Santa.  Happy Christmas to Santa."  In the tune of happy birthday.

5.  Stafford, every now and then, randomly sings his version of Justin Bieber's song, "Can't say never.  Give it up, say never."


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